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Cardiff Library

Hi all!

Next week is the second Human Library event in Cardiff and I managed to make enough of an impression at the pilot that they have invited me back!

The Human Library is a great concept. It is where people become human books, and other people can come along and ‘read’ the book, which, on this occasion, means to chat with a person about the specialist knowledge they have. There is a great line up of various ‘books’ for the event next Saturday, the 18th of February.

Some other titles include:

Supporting loved ones with dementia

Social Model for disability

Female Genital Mutilation

Who am I – life as an adopted person.

There are loads more, and you can book yourself in for a 30 minute conversation with any of the books, which you can find hereIt is taking place from 11-4.30 and you can ‘read’ as many ‘books’ as you want to. Each slot lasts for 30 minutes, and it is free! I would recommend booking in advance if there are books you definitely want to read. There may be space on the day for some books but it can’t be guaranteed. It all depends on who is savvy enough to sign up!

So if you live in or around Cardiff and fancy hearing some interesting life stories, meeting some interesting people or educating yourself on something new, all for free, this will be the place to be.

For those who enjoy reading my blog but haven’t yet had the chance to meet me, this could be the opportunity for you! I will be there from 11-3 and will bring some toys for people to have a look at if they want, but this more an opportunity to chat rather than check out some sex toys!

You can read all about it on their Facebook Page or their website and remember to book yourself a place!

For now, have a lovely week.



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