Toy Materials Lesson 2

toy materials lesson 2


One of the main aims of That’s The Spot is to help people feel more informed about what they are buying when they choose a sex toy. That’s why we have created this post, Toy Materials Lesson 2, so we can talk some more about why the materials used for toys are important. In a previous post (click the image below to read it) Rhi, talked about the most commonly used materials, my plan is to build on that by talking about some of the more unusual materials that are still body safe.

toy materials lesson 2

Toy Materials Lesson 2

The materials I am going to discuss here in this post on Toy Materials Lesson 2 are metal, glass, wood, stone, and ceramic. All of these are a great option if you want something more sustainable, as well as body safe.


You will find most metal toys are made from one of two options; they are either stainless steel or aluminium alloy. The great thing about metal toys is they are non-porous, resistant to extreme temperatures, and easily sterilised, which is great if you share toys. Stainless steel tends to be a much weightier toy because steel is heavier than alloys. Many of the small metal butt plugs you find (the ones with the ‘jewel’ on the base) tend to be aluminium alloy. One of the brands most synonymous for making stainless steel sex toys is nJoy, they are well known for their high quality products, and innovation.

toy materials lesson 2 toy materials lesson 2


I have to admit I love glass as a toy material. It is non-porous, easily sterilised and brilliant for temperature play. If you look after it it can last you forever. With glass toys you do need to be checking them before and after each use to make sure there are no scratches, cracks, or areas that concern you. Pay particular attention to any ‘weak points’ (thin necks like on butt plugs or thin handles), if in doubt replace it.

toy materials lesson 2

Wood, Stone, Ceramic

I have put these together because if they are correctly finished they are all perfectly safe to use. They are also really nice to use, and (though it may sound silly) feel closer to nature. Wood needs to have a medical grade finish, a good way to test is dip your wooden toy in water for a minute, when you pull it out if it has dark spots the finish is flawed, making the toy porous and therefore not really safe to use as a sex toy. Stone is mostly safe, it cannot be sealed but polished stone is much less likely to be porous, only buy stone toys from a reputable company (like Laid). Ceramic is totally safe, as long as it has been kiln-fired and properly glazed, rendering it non-porous. I find stone and ceramic tend to stay cooler during use, while wood feels warmer from the start.


I actually own at least one toy made from each of these materials, and if I’m honest the one I reach for most often is glass. It glides nicely with only the tiniest bit of lube, it’s easy to clean afterwards, and I like the shape options that are out there. It’s also one of the more reasonably priced toy materials out there.

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