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There are lots of sex toy tips out there but remember nothing is going to work for everyone. Trust your instincts, you don’t have to try everything. So, if someone suggests something you don’t feel sure about you don’t have to try it.

sex toy tips on grey background

Sex Toy Tips

  • Make sure they’re clean & charged. You should be cleaning them as soon as possible after use anyway. And if you’ve had a long session, or it’s your second or third quick session it’s worth charging them up. Nothing more disappointing than your favourite vibe dying when you’re right on the edge.
  • If you have a battery-operated vibrator make sure you put batteries in BEFORE lubing up. Once you apply lube, your hands and the toy will be really slippery, no one wants to be attempting to remove a battery compartment cap in that situation.
  • Higher prices almost always mean a higher quality toy. That said, don’t break the bank until you know you like a toy style. Don’t buy that expensive rabbit if you don’t know you like rabbit style vibes (I hate rabbit style vibes they never seem to work on me).
  • Don’t have eyes too big for your orifices. This is really solid advice. You need to know your limits. Yes, that toy looks amazing but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be comfortable with it being inserted.
  • If you’re using a toy to go up your bum make certain it is anal safe. It should have a flared base; this means the base should be much bigger so that your butt doesn’t suck it up. Nobody wants to be that trip to A&E.
  • If you have to think ‘do I need to use more lube‘, you do. If it hurts, stop. There is no shame in using lube, or in needing to use it. Lube is great for keeping things slick and moving, especially in long sessions. And for anal more lube is better.
  • BODYSAFE toys, always. This means non-toxic, and non-porous. Condoms won’t protect you from the chemicals.
  • Men can use sex toys too, and liking things up their butt doesn’t mean they are gay. The P spot is hidden up there and can cause some of the most intense orgasms for a man.
  • As i said at the start not every sex toy tip will work for everyone and that is the same for toys. Not every toy will work for everybody. Despite what some manufacturers try to tell us we do not all have the exact same thing in our pants. Some are big, small, hidden, etc. We are unique. Just because your friend says it’s the best thing ever doesn’t mean there’s something wrong if it doesn’t work for you. There are never orgasm guarantees to ANY toys!
  • Body wands like the Doxy might not be discreet but they are definitely worth the price tag. I use mine just as much for back and thigh pain as I do for orgasms.
  • Sex Toys can be one of the best ways to find out what (and where) works for you and what you like! They are a great way to explore your body, and give you the knowledge to direct your partner to satisfy you. Just have enough patience to explore the land thoroughly.
  • Using sex toys does not mean you don’t want sex with your partner, sex toys are NOT ‘cheating’. In fact, they can be a great way to enhance and add to your sex life. There are lots of options for bringing toys into your relation ship, the Satisfyer Partner Plus is a good way to introduce a toy as a couple. You can wear it during intercourse, you can wear it as a cock ring, or you can wear it as a clit vibe…it can also be controlled by your phone which widens the fun possibilities even more

Remember: Listen to your body, trust your judgement, and most importantly…Relax and enjoy yourself.

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