Erectile Dysfunction

I’m gonna put my hands up. I don’t write enough content for men on here.

I would usually justify that by explaining that I am not a specialist in men’s sexual health, and I think that this is a fair reason to not write about it. I also understand that quite a few men visit my blog to help them become better lovers to women, so thought that this would be a good opportunity to raise awareness of erectile dysfunction. A topic that can make men feel very uncomfortable.

I am therefore providing you with a link to an article written by Juno Medical. A company that puts a lot of research into services provided within the healthcare profession.

This article is informed and is detailed, and it looks at ED from every angle, explaining why it can happen and what kind of changes can be made, and the different routes that could be taken.

This is a helpful piece of writing so make sure you read it –

Thanks, Rhiannon xx

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