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When I opened up my business earlier this year I was very much focussed on toys for girls to enjoy on their own and also for girl on girl fun. I made sure that I also had some toys available for the girl and boy couples too, like some cock rings and some remote control toys. What I have spotted already, though, is that a lot of women that are taking a look at my toys are buying the Rock Chick mini, which is a solo or a couples toy. Due to it’s popularity, I thought I should add a few more toys like this to my shop, so you have a few more choices. Although the Rock Chick mini will remain as the best value, I have realised it is only right that I add the most well-known couples toy, which is the WeVibe.



The original WeVibe was invented because they couldn’t find anything that was designed for the couple to use that gave equal benefits and they also didn’t like the materials or poor quality of the toys that were out there. It took them 5 years to get their design right and when it arrived, it was a silicone encased toy, and the first to ever be designed like this.

The WeVibe came to the market in April 2008 and straight away, in the same month, it was named toy of the year by ‘Talk Sex’ on the Oxygen Network, which is hosted by an industry renowned sexpert, Sue Johansen. It reached the UK in the October and since then has won 21 awards!!

It has been through a few different incarnations and the most recent version is the WeVibe 4 Plus. The oldest version that they still sell is the 2 Plus – described as 30% more powerful than the WeVibe 2 and also 100% waterproof. It is also rechargeable! And this is the oldest one they have on the market!

After the WeVibe 2 plus came the 3, 4 and now there is the 4 Plus. Being a business that wants to have the newest toys to the market, I have chosen to have the 4 plus available as well as the 2 plus.

The WeVibe 4 Plus is very 2015 because it has an app!!! Now this is the latest in technology at the moment and I love that I can provide this sort of tech!  It allows you to be able to control the toy from anywhere in the world and you can design your own vibration patterns, so if you are in a long distance relationship, it is a definite must-have! So – if you want to stay ahead of the game – get this toy! And be the envy of all! Click here to find out all of the details!

I have the real-life versions arriving on Tuesday so will be bringing them to the soirees and consultations too from now on!

I have also added 2 more remote control toys to the shop this afternoon for couples to play with, check them out, tell me what you think:


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