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Here at That’s the Spot we have tended to focus more on toys for people with vulvas. However, we want to try and appeal more to everyone. We’re starting this by expanding certain lines, including our toys for boys category (which we’re looking at renaming), we’re also trying to expand our BDSM collection to include toys that might be seen as more specialist items such as items for puppy play (I’m working on a good source), chastity, etc.

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Toys for…

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of gendering sex toys, because it doesn’t alway work. One of the best G-Spot toys I’ve used was actually made, marketed and sold as a male p-spot vibrator. All I had to do was change the angle and it was great. Now you will find that style of toy in our anal toy category (because technically that’s what the manufacturer tells us it is for) but knowing this, it gives you options, and an idea of what you can find.

We’ve tried to include some masturbators as well. Not just basic sleeves but some of the more developed versions like the Fleshlight originals series.  These are a great option for more advanced play, as well as being discreet.

In the same stroker options we’ve also included a completely new section for us, electro-stim toys. We’ve added the ElectraStim Jack Socket stroker. In 2016, when it was introduced, this toy won two awards for innovation. From the same company we’ve also added a Urethra Sounding wand for those who like to play in that way.

And for the submissive cock owners among you (or just those who enjoy someone else having control over their orgasms) we are now offering cock cages. We have two gorgeous stainless steel designs on offer; Gladiator style and Spiral style. They look just as good as they feel….or so I’ve been told.

If you have a favourite toy you’d like to see us include on our site, please drop us a line to

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