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How many of us have made a New Years Resolution this year to watch what we spend, or to save money? I bet some of us have also thought about being kinder to the environment too. This blog is about the Mooncup, something that will help doing both of those things!


The Mooncup

A topic I haven’t covered in my blogs yet is periods. Yet another thing that can make some women squeamish, yay for us being ‘so proud’ of our anatomy!

I feel like almost every time I write a blog post, I know that some people won’t want to read it because of the subject matter, or if they choose to, they perhaps feel a bit uncomfortable in doing so. That’s ok though – the main reason I have started this business is so that we can talk about our bodies, sex, and masturbation a bit more openly. I am also aware of the fact that the invention of the internet has meant that people can ask questions anonymously and research anonymously without feeling weird, silly or prudish. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is great that there are plenty of articles out there that can educate, but at the same time, because they are out there, some people may not find themselves discussing the subject as much ‘in real life’ because their curiosity has already been taken care of.

I also know that there are plenty of women out there that will read this blog and not be worried about saying the word ‘masturbate’ or ‘vulva’, etc, out loud and big up to you lot! Proud, assertive and a person that doesn’t like to perpetuate taboos! If I can get some more of you shyer readers to become like this, how bloody brilliant!

So – periods and saving money whilst being good to the environment – It’s that age old thing of ‘well half the population have periods, why should we not be allowed to talk about it’ and it’s true! Although we do need to remember to subtract the post-menopausal and pre-adolescent ladies of course, and need to bear in mind all the other factors that can stop women from menstruating regularly. I would love to be in a marketing meeting for a sanitary towel company to see the process they go through to figure out how far they can push the subject but make it feel non-squeamish! For me, a lot of sanitary product adverts merge into one, it is always about a woman wanting to do something but can’t because of blood. Who remembers that programme Chris Tarrant used to present? I’ve forgotten what it is called…but he would show adverts from all around the world and they would be funny or naughty, etc. I used to love those ones about periods and sanitary products!

Why am I bringing this period stuff up? It is because I am still in shock that not everybody has yet to hear of the Mooncup. Everyone knows what a tampon and a sanitary towel is, yet the Mooncup is still like a secret. Discovering the Mooncup a few years ago has made me feel a bit like a Jehova’s Witness – I want to knock on everyone’s doors and say ‘Join me! Join me in the amazing-ness of the Mooncup! I don’t know what life is without it!!’



The Mooncup is the item that will enable you to stop buying any sanitary towels and tampons FOREVER!! It is a little reusable silicone cup that sits inside you and collects your menstrual blood, which you then empty when it is full. Simple as that! You’ve heard me harp on about silicone before (see materials post) so you should know that it is a non-porous medical-grade material that is entirely body safe (not a hint of latex) and can be sterilised in boiling water to be cleaned and it will not change shape or do anything weird like melt.

Now compare this to the tampon which is made of cotton, string and cardboard, which also has to be packaged up in paper and more cardboard, or the sanitary towel which has a complicated system of different layers with different materials, has to be sticky on one side and also be packaged up in plastic and/or cardboard, times those resources with the amount you use every month….do you see where I am going with this? The Mooncup is incredibly environmentally friendly and can last you a lifetime, which also, of course means that this £20 will be the last £20 you ever spend on sanitary products. If memory serves me right, I think I could have spent £20 on items to last me maybe 4-5 months?

It is easy to use – pinch it a bit, pop it inside you, where it will then make itself comfortable, then you won’t feel it again until it is time to empty it. Then all you do is pinch it a bit again, empty it into the toilet, wipe or rinse it then pop it back in again. Then when your period has ended, you boil it in a pan of water for a few minutes then put it away until the following month.

I have finally been able to add the Mooncup to my inventory and it is available to buy directly from me. It is something I have wanted to do for ages but wanted the company to settle in a little bit. I would recommend each and every one of you try it. If it doesn’t work for you, you would only have spent an extra £20 rather than a potential £2000 on sanitary products!

There are some women I wouldn’t recommend it to, and that is to the ladies that aren’t big fans of penetration – those who don’t use tampons for that reason. You do need to get sightly intimate with yourself for a couple of seconds, just like you do when using a non-applicator tampon, so I know it isn’t for everybody. But for those who are ok with it, buy it!

  • It won’t leak, it has a seal designed for no leakage.
  • I know you will doubt this, so just wear a pantyliner with it for the first couple of times until you trust it!
  • It comes in 2 different sizes – B for those who haven’t had a baby vaginally and are under 30 and A for those who have had a baby vaginally or are over 30. (For those that are around 30 and haven’t had a baby, you will need to judge it yourself on whether you have a wider or narrower vagina opening!)
  • As I have said in the past, the vagina only stretches as much as it needs to so you will not feel a discomfort whilst wearing it. If you do, try re-inserting it and it should be ok.

More facts about the Mooncup

If you are still a but unsure about them, either email me about it or I can pop over with a demo item so that you can have a proper look at it.

I found this a couple of weeks ago and put it on my Facebook page, it is brilliant! Take a look!

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