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Hello Readers

Welcome back to the That’s the Spot blog. This is the owner of That’s The Spot writing here, Rhiannon (although my preferred name is now Rhi).

I have changed a lot since I started the business almost 4 years ago. I came to realise that I no longer identify with the gender that fits in with my body, so because of this, I no longer used gendered language which I used to use in past posts. I also find it difficult to run a business for ‘women only’, as I am no longer comfortable being called a woman. And I make a terrible sales person, which wasn’t good when I was the only one running this toy selling business! I have now moved on, becoming a Sex Educator and Sex Coach, you can see my current website here. This is where I am focusing my energies now. I no longer offer sex toy parties or sex toy consultations. What I offer now is basically the advice I could have given you at a consultation without you feeling like you had to buy a sex toy!

that's the spot blog

That’s The Spot Blog

I wanted That’s The Spot to continue to run as an online sex toy shop, because I remain a sex toy geek, so I hired somebody to bring new life to the shop. She’s called Cheryl and has been adding loads of new products and collections to the site as well as sending some fab emails to our database! Cheryl is already deep in this industry, as she is a sex toy reviewer and an erotica writer. The business is in very safe hands!

Any posts you read before this were written by me (unless it was a guest blog) and any posts written after this will be Cheryl (or guests).  It will mainly focus on collections of toys or specific products, including ways to use them and geek out about them. If you are after more educational posts, you can find them on my Patreon page.

A few months ago, the website and the blog moved from one server to another. My experiences with my original web designer had been both surprisingly positive and weirdly negative so I decided to work with another company – Ironclad Design. When we were moving servers, we unfortunately lost quite a few blog posts. What you can see on here before this post is what we could salvage between us, using word documents on my computer and a posh bit of software Ironclad use (man, I wish I had saved all of my blog posts onto Word Docs, but after the first few months I just got out of the habit!) I’d say there are about two thirds of the original posts here – hence the big gaps between some posts. So although we mourn the blog posts that have been lost, we are now moving into a new era and very much looking ahead.


I will now leave you in the safe hands of Cheryl who will guide you through all the fab things to do with sex toys!

Rhi x

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