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The website has been open a week; I have received good feedback about it as well as some good criticism. Now it is open and operating, I can finally talk about some of the toys I have on here that are new to the market and that I am very excited to be selling! The first one I want to show off is the GVibe.



Not only does it come in some beautiful packaging with a lovely little piece of artwork on it, but this is a toy that looks and works completely differently to any other vibrator out there. It doesn’t look like your classic vibrator, which is pretty refreshing, but the reason it looks like that is because it is designed so that when it is inserted it will give you that feeling of fullness without it being big fat toy that you would rather not put anywhere near your nethers!

There are separate motors on each tip – one tip will massage your g-spot – a feature that we have often come to expect of any toys we buy that are for vaginal use. The other tip points the other way, which means it will massage another part of you that doesn’t often get given a chance to be stimulated, and this is because of the classic design of a lot of vibrators and dildos.

How many of you know about the ‘p-spot’ – the prostate spot found in a man when he is stimulated anally. For any man open enough to experience this, he will agree that this is the man’s version of our g-spot! Women can also experience some pleasure in the same region, although maybe not as intensely.

Having a vagina, we as women can stimulate it vaginally rather than anally if we want to. Sure, we can insert a g-spot toy in the ‘wrong way round’ to get to this but I do not know of any other toy, apart from the GVibe, that can stimulate our g and (lady-) p spot at the same time! This second tip gives you a very different experience to your usual vibrator session. This feeling of fullness without it causing any discomfort to the opening of your vagina is quite unique. Because this material is so flexible, it doesn’t ‘push’ any further than it has to so it doesn’t put any strain on your insides either.

The two motors work from the same control panel, which is very easy to use. There is a + and a – button for the different strengths in vibration then another one in-between to select the kind of pulsation you would like to feel . This means you can choose a function and have it at whatever strength you would like!

It is a rechargeable toy which immediately makes the vibrations stronger and quieter than any toy that takes batteries. It is also made of a silicone (the healthiest material for a sex toy) that is smooth and velvety to the touch – it really is a lovely toy to stroke! It looks luxurious and it feels luxurious.

There is then a goldplated loop as the handle so that you can use it more easily than the toys that don’t have this. It really is amazing what a loop can do to the ‘management’ of a toy!

What you will also get when you purchase this toy is the beautifully designed box that I have already mentioned, a charger, a white cotton bag to keep your toy in and an instruction booklet. This tells you the different types of vibration functions, how to look after it and the different ways in which you can use it – amongst other things it ALSO makes a good couples toy too! Oh, and best of all, you get a year’s warranty on it too!!


Considering the design and material the toy is made from, I think the cost of it is very competitive compared to other manufacturers who would offer something less technologically advanced for more. It is one of my more expensive toys, though, so just remember, if you want to have a proper look at it before deciding to buy anything, book me in for a consultation!

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