Sex toys with your male partner

sex toys with your male partner


This is a brief blog this week touching upon using Sex toys with your male partner, and it is aimed at the women.

I’ve said it before but just want to reiterate, I do not like to generalise. However, from what I have heard from various women, men are not as likely to open their minds up to toys in the bedroom as much as women do. For some reason it can make them feel as though some control is being taken away from them, or that they are not good enough.

sex toys with your male partner

Using Sex toys With Your Male Partner

It goes without saying that communication is such an important tool in a relationship. If you are a couple that talk things out and are honest with each other, you are halfway toward having a more of an adventurous time in the boudoir. If you don’t communicate with each other as much as you would like to, this does create a bit of an obstacle. If you partner truly loves you and finds out that you are unhappy with your sex life, I am sure they would rather know rather than find out and feel embarrassed about it. I do not want to get all agony aunt on you but I just want to say that an honest and open chat can help a helluva lot – even if it creates an argument (which can happen when people get defensive), that will finish fairly quickly when you both realise you still love each other and want to make each other as happy as possible.

The easiest way to introduce sex toys with your male partner into the bedroom is the cock ring. This is something that both you and he can benefit from without it being invasive or having an impact on the way you do things. Sex can remain very organic when using a cock ring. He just needs to slip it on (faster than a condom) and go to it like he usually would!

There are hundreds of different ones out there that come in all colours an shapes, materials and sizes. There are some that are a straight forward ring and fit quite snugly but helps the man maintain an erection for longer, enabling the sex to go on for longer and making the chances of orgasming together more likely. There are also vibrating cock rings which is a big plus for you as a woman. Whilst he is wearing it, it will also stimulate your clit, making for a more powerful orgasm. There are also some which don’t vibrate but that have nobbly bits on them which means you will also receive more stimulation without having to use batteries! It is a very accessible toy and every (straight) couple should own one!

We have sourced 12 different cock rings for the shop and cannot wait to show you them – you can find them on our shop here.

I will write another blog in the near future about bringing other toys into the room but this is a good start! Remember that I am ready and equipped to do couples consultations so if you book me in to visit you with my array of toys before October 1st, my consultation won’t cost a thing – it will be an open chat about various toys, a chance for you to have a feel of the toys and decide as a couple what you would like. If you don’t like them, there is never an obligation to buy any if you don’t want to. If you do buy any from me via the consultations before October 1st I will give you 15% off. Please do contact me!

Have a good weekend, Cardiff Pride tomorrow!

Rhiannon x

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