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Satisfyer are a German based sex toy manufacturer who found a gap in the market (when a rival company wouldn’t sell  in their country). Due to patent laws they needed to start completely from scratch, and it took them 18 months to design and build a working model that was purely their own.



The company currently has three product lines under their brand:


The Pro 2 was the first product the marketed outside Germany. It uses pressure waves to focus on just the clitoral area. They use the words ‘vacuum technology’ but it’s not a clit hoover! The suction is ever so slight. You can hardly feel it, but what you can feel is absolutely incredible. The idea is to give the feeling of oral sex.


SatisfyerThe Pro Penguin is a super cute design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand with simple controls at the base, allowing you to easily change speeds. This is my favourite product in the range purely because of the size.

satisfyerThe Pro Traveller is the latest addition to this line, designed to be the perfect travel companion. The practical cap closes magnetically, and the toy is waterproof.

satisfyerThe Pro Plus Vibration teams the patented wave pressure technology with vibration for a toy that can do double duty. The pressure waves and vibrations can be controlled separately, providing you with an extensive pleasure experience.

satisfyerThe Pro 4 Couples is designed to be worn during penetration, the internal (thinner) section has vibrations for g-spot and cock (purposely said cock because it doesn’t necessarily have to be a penis) stimulation, and then on the outer section is Satisfyer’s patented pressure wave technology.

satisfyerThe Pro G-Spot Rabbit expands the unique feeling of clitoral pressure wave stimulation to include an additional G-spot massage. The flexible, elegantly curved shaft clings skilfully to your curves and seeks your G-spot with a voluminous tip containing a powerful motor.

satisfyer satisfyer

Worn during lovemaking, The Partner increases sensation for both, creating a tightening experience for him and intense vibrating, G-spot pleasure for her. The Partner Plus works in the same way as the Partner, with the addition of another motor. The reworked U-shape and, specifically, the stem, is larger in size than the original Partner for a more intense, tighter feel.


The new Partner Whale convinces with its cute, fresh design and provides mutual highlights while lovemaking. It is designed to target first time love toy users as well as younger couples who are looking for a fun toy to spice up their sex life. Waterproof, rechargeable with two powerful motors.


The Satisfyer Men is not just any old pleasure stroker. It offers the most intense stimulation; with a super soft interior, and their little secret. A unique air cushion that provides powerful stimulation and intense pleasure, enclosed in the soft inner shell that gives close comfort and a truly snug feeling.


With so many options, there is sure to be something to suit you. What will you choose? Head over to our shop to buy today.

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