Pride Cymru Soiree

That’s The Spot has teamed up with Pride Cymru and we are having a sex toy soiree!

So far, my sex toy soirees have only taken place in the front rooms of the women who have booked me in, with a small audience of women, but we are taking it into a public arena for the first time!

The Kings on Churchill way is going to be hosting it in their lounge on the first floor, and it is going to be a strictly female only event.

I don’t know if you Cardiff readers have noticed, but Pride Cymru are holding a lot of fundraising activities and events, and the money made from these all go into their Pride event on August the 13th. Pride is getting bigger every year. Last year they let a couple of us sex toy traders set up shop in a special adults only tent for the first time in years and we have been invited back this year too!

In the meantime, though, they rely on volunteers on the day and fundraising activities all year round to make the biggest celebration of gay pride in Wales possible.

It is going to cost £5 to attend the soiree and you will get a small goody bag from me, a welcome drink from the Kings and, if you feel like buying something, a 10% discount on the night.

This is a great opportunity for any of you who have always been interested in what a That’s The Spot soiree looks like but haven’t wanted to organise one – be that due to lack of space in the house, having children, not having enough friends to attend, or another reason.

We can only fit 50 of you in, so you will need to book tickets for this in advance!

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