Masturbation – Open Your Mind


A discussion that arises from some of the soirees fairly often is about the fact that when it comes to masturbation, it doesn’t have to take much to make oneself orgasm. If we are seasoned ‘wankers’ or if we just know exactly what turns us on then if we really want to, we can make ourselves orgasm within 60 seconds. This can be very convenient sometimes and just what we need! Other times, though, it does seem a bit too fast and not very special.


Next time you have a play with yourself, actively try and make it more of an ‘occasion’.
You can take the softly softly approach and light your favourite scented candle, turn the lights off and play some music that you enjoy. In a way, seduce yourself!

Although it’s easy to go straight to your clit, try giving other parts of your body some attention. Give your neck and shoulders a bit of a massage. Moisturise your body, let it feel a bit pampered. You can play with your nipples – using any vibrator (bullets are a bit better) you can stimulate your nipples or any other part of your body. The inside of your elbows and knees can be quite sensitive, as can your neck, collar bone or ears. Doing these activities can help you relax more and feel a bit floaty, which is a lovely way to feel!

Something else you could do is read some erotica. There are plenty of books out there that are full of short stories that won’t take too long to read. There is always something for somebody to read.
Porn is another way if you want to maybe feel a bit more dirty about what you are doing 😉

I don’t know how many of you think about this, but you are free to masturbate in a different position to being on your back. Get on all fours, stand up, lie on your front, even lying on your back but positioning yourself on the edge of the bed so that your head is dropping off is really effective – you get a great head rush to go with your orgasm! But have a think about the position you are in, it brings a bit more excitement immediately to your ‘sesh’ – and of course, being at a different angle can give you a different sensation.

When it comes to toys, some of these toys can encourage you to try masturbation differently, like the Rock Chick, which is designed so that you can rock on it, encouraging you to try different positions! It is a handsfree toy, leaving your hands to do something else with. The Cone is another hands-free toy which you sit on and ride!

To add another dimension you can also pop a butt plug in which can sit inside you whilst you are having a play with yourself. Don’t get me started on doing BDSM on yourself either – nipple clamps, blindfolds, whips – nothing is stopping you from doing these things to yourself!

Never forget to pay attention to the other parts of your nethers too – your labia for instance, these also have a decent amount of nerve endings in them! Play with them for a bit before going straight in for your clit and/or vagina!

The last thing I would suggest is to experiment with different lubes too, because they can often give you different sensations.

So as you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do to spice up your solo sex life. Hopefully my suggestions may help you bring a bit more excitement into ‘me time’!

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