Enhance your Sex Life with These 5 Foods

I would like to welcome Jeff Caceres as a guest blogger to my blog. Jeff Caceres is a freelance blogger who is passionate to share what he knows about improving relationships of families and friends. You can check out his website at Her Online Network to learn more about the tips and advice that he had about sex, parenting, women and family.

Here is his first post, where he shares the best foods to enhance our sex lives! Enjoy!

One of the luxuries of life that humankind has is Sex. It is one of the essential intimate rituals enjoyed by couples, individuals, multiple lovers and people indulging in this pleasurable activity, especially when they share the same passion. In the course of our lives, the ebbing of our sexual urges will happen at some point in our lifetime. In some cases, the pleasure disappears prematurely. In effect, a hot sizzling relationship fizzles out severing relationships. Don’t despair, besides those over the counter remedies are natural edible foods that will perk up the fantasies stuck within our souls and erupt in glorious fashion.

Here is the list of the five amazing and foods for enhancing your sex life:

1. Avocados – The ancient Aztecs refer to this libido enhancer as testicles. The shape looks like it. This fruit is known to be a sexual enhancer due to its rich content of unsaturated fat and oppositely low on saturated fat. It keeps your circulatory works active and pumping. Blood flow is flowing in all the required chambers. Eating this fruit alone gives less risk to heart ailments.

2. Almonds – They are also on top of the sexual stimulants. This snack also aids the fertility aspect for both men and women . Almonds are rich in Selenium, Zinc, and Vitamin E is essential to your sexual health and reproductive system. It’s like asparagus, another sexy food that drives you crazy. Cashews are also actively rich with zinc to keep the blood and juices flowing.

Aside from almonds, these kinds of nuts are sexual stimulators:

• Walnuts
• Peanuts
• Pecans
• Hazelnuts
• Sunflower seeds
• Pumpkin seeds

3. Strawberries – These kinds of foods are ones that could boil your blood when at a frenzy with your mate in all kinds of relationships . Studies show that these fruits keep the baby healthy and ward off the threat of congenital disabilities during pregnancy. It also increases the sperm count of males. The chocolate dipped strawberry is a libido booster. Now you know why chocolates are such popular gifts for Valentine’s Day. Chocolates are sexual stimulators because of the presence of methylxanthines, an upper for sexual stimulation.

4. Seafood – They are potent sexual stimulators. Aphrodisiac properties of oysters had been around for centuries. Some people lambast this belief as a myth. Research proves that there is a reality to this. Studies show that the consumption of oysters, clams, scallops and other shellfish raise the levels of oestrogen and androgens. Oysters are rich in Zinc that streams up the blood flow to the genitals of men and women. The blood flow to the right places means a heavenly eruption is about to converge.

5. Garlic – Mothers use to warn their sons and daughters not to eat garlic before a date. The odour of garlic in one’s mouth is unbearable. But this spice rattles the circulatory system and pumps your blood to all the appropriate places, and that includes before a date. Garlic is the herb of prevention for hypertension, heart diseases, and high cholesterol. Coagulation is thwarted in the blood vessels thereby speeding up blood circulation. With the help of garlic, it is perfect for you and your partner in bed. The strong smell is negligible when both of you ate it earlier.
There are more blood heating and circulatory enhancements that alleviate sexual libido. The top 5 are just some of the great ones. Aren’t you glad that these foods are around in aid of sexual pleasures and intimacy? Get one and enjoy your evening.

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