Blog Holiday!

Due to the ridiculous busy-ness of my life in the last couple of weeks, I haven’t had the chance to write a proper blog post to be ready for today and I am too proud to ‘spew’ out something just to fill a page. Time and research goes in to a lot of these blogs so I am proudly saying that I would rather post nothing than something that isn’t worth reading! I have 3 really good blogs that are almost ready to go and am looking forward to sharing them with you but they aren’t quite ready! I will apologise though as I do like to be a person to be relied upon so I hope you can forgive me and will come back to read a really good post next week! So today is my blog holiday….

Oh, I still have a slot available in London on Friday November the 7th or Sunday the 9th, spread the word!

Loadsa love,

Rhiannon xxx

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