Adult Board Games

adult board games

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Last night I was at a networking event and as usual, the nature of my business provoked some fun and interesting reactions! I talked about a new project myself and 2 other associates have just launched, our 4girlsonly night which is an epic pamper-style night (blog about it to follow very soon!) and as a result we very briefly touched upon the fact that there should be something for the boys. People discussed what would there be for the boys, which had me cringing just a bit because of all the stereotypes! This led us to adult board games, and they asked me if I had watched The Apprentice on Wednesday. I hadn’t but decided to watch it this morning to see what this whole sexist board game was about and OH MY GOD!

adult board games

Adult Board Games

They reckoned there weren’t any board games focussed on relationships – it looks like there is a reason for this. When games are about sex and relationships, they are mostly aimed at couples for obvious reasons. When it is turned into a group game, it just becomes a bit of fun and a bit ‘outrageous’ – like truth or dare or pin the cock to the torso, or games that make one have to forfeit. Having looked into this since watching the episode, I have realised that they are right. There aren’t many games like these but they have shown why this is – it generalises, offends and can give the wrong advice.

They spoke with some board game enthusiasts and they all thought it would be sleazy.

The game was called ‘Relationship Guru” and they took it to be tested out on these people and for those who didnt watch it, here is an example of the quesions:

“Women dislike which food the most – Pizza, Carrots or Chicken Salad”

“What do men dislike the most – Vegetables, Waxing or Cricket”

“Women like men to ask them out on a date via – Email, Text or Tweet”

Again – OH MY GOD! I can’t believe they managed to sell any of these games to any board game shops!

I would love to know what you think about this and whether you think there is a way to create a game for a group to play about sex or relationships.

I am going to put some games up on the shop and want to know what you think of them.

The most popular board game for couples is called Monogamy:

adult board games


The next is a great take on Connect 4 Foreplay in a Row

adult board games


The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game is the best one I have found for groups and the other one I have included is Seven Deadly Sins.

I will be adding the following games to the shop over the weekend:

For the ladies who like ladies, Lesbian Heart

Out of the dozens of couples games there are around, I have also chosen Discover your Lover.

Sexpert is my favourite – educational, which is what I am all about!

So do give me your opinion on this. I can’t believe the Apprentice featured such an immature board game idea and am embarrassed on their behalf! Good luck on shifting those, board game shops!

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