A bit of an update for you

Hey readers!

Considering that I launched my website 5 weeks ago I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how the first month or so has gone for me since then.

I would like to take the opportunity, firstly, to thank you for your support so far. When I see some of the readers in person, they tell me that they enjoy reading my blog, so yay! It would really help if you could take the time to comment on my blog too and maybe create some discussions. I ask some real questions in them and really would love to hear opinions and feedback.

I am currently spending a lot of time and money on marketing at the mo to try and get my name out there – you shall see me in City Life in November and I am in discussion with Diva and shall be advertising with them soon, as well as the Burlesque Bible magazine! What with Facebook not allowing me to advertise with them (it kinda would have been perfect!), I am now focussing on other places. I have been doing much networking within the business world, I am loving the conversations that arise from it – discussing with one person what the best toy is for her to buy for her 17 year old as a first vibrator (then selling her one!), discussing expensive cock rings with a 60 year old woman, having an interesting discussion about how a person’s faith can affect the way she treats vibrators, and just giving businesswomen that platform to feel free to talk about sex and masturbation. What I am doing here is quite powerful and I really do reckon that there is a little liberation ripple beginning in Cardiff!

In 2 weeks time my special offer of 25% to the hostesses of soirees off will come to an end, and their guests will no longer be able to get 15% off. From November, the hostess will still get 20% off their purchases but guests will not be able to get a discount…unless they organise their own soiree of course! I have had a booking for as far away as December the 20th so it is good to see that people are looking ahead!

Just to repeat a recent Facebook status – I am in London on November the 7th for a weekend of soirees and I have a free slot that has become available on the Friday the 7th so if you are in London, invite me over and tell your friends! 20% off for you!

Ooh, I am also in some exciting discussion with a masseuse and another type of party planner, we shall be joining forces to form a super party which means when you book us in for a party, there will be pampering, healthy food, and sex toys! Exciting times ahead!

And last things last, if you haven’t liked me on Facebook, please do, it helps!

And finally – happy one year anniversary to my wife for tomorrow, I love you Becky!

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