Lube Up, Baby!

How many of you, as women, feel shame when you think about using lube?

Vulva’s vary a lot in shape, size, appearance and scent, and of course they can vary in the way they lubricate themselves too. Because of our ovaries and our hormones, we can be ‘wetter’ or ‘dryer’ at different times of the months, and on top of that, our lubrication can often depend on how we are feeling emotionally!

How many of you have been in situations where you start having sex with your partner but end up finding it a little bit uncomfortable because you weren’t quite wet enough? And in these situations, do you continue to have this slightly uncomfortable sex or do you stop it? Neither of these scenarios are ideal. If you continue with it, you will feel the effects of that dry friction for a couple of days – itchy, dry and agitating. If you stop the sex you fear that you may disappoint your partner, or your partner feels as though you don’t fancy them or that they weren’t ‘good enough’ because they didn’t make you wet enough. Cue lots of apologies and guilt and sadness – What a lot of stress!

Sorry, gents, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how sexy you are or how good the foreplay is or if you have cooked for her and washed the dishes that evening. Sometimes a woman can’t get as ‘juicy’ as she needs to be to have enjoyable sex.


Having a tube of lube in/on your bedside table or in your handbag can make a massive difference. It takes next to no time to squeeze a bit onto your finger or straight onto your bits (especially with the design of the lube bottle that I sell) and just that feeling of lube on your genitals and that lovely slippy and slide-y feeling can change everything. It is easier to massage your clit and/or to slip something inside you, and with a lubed up lady garden, the stress and pressure of ‘trying to get wet’ is gone and you can focus on enjoying the sex – HOW MAGNIFICENT!

If you are a couple that hasn’t used lube before, I understand it may feel a bit foreign trying it for the first time and maybe a bit weird, but just openly acknowledge with each other that you’re trying something different and recognise that this will only increase your enjoyment and never decrease it.

Using lube could change your sex life forever!

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2 thoughts on “Lube Up, Baby!

  1. Ordinarily Quirky

    I’m 23 and I can see why people cringe at the thoughts of lube, but to some people, including me, I definitely feel lube is exciting and naughty which spices up sex a little because it’s new. I’ve only used vaseline on a guy but even by me putting it on him it was obvious using it made the whole scene a little more fun! – Love advice blog

  2. That's The Spot

    Heu Quirky,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s good to see someone else saying that they recognise how much of a turn on it can be to ‘lube up’ their partners, it can be a very sexy aspect of sex :-) x


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