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ElectraStim are a UK based manufacturer who specialise in erotic electrostimulation. The parent company Cyrex Ltd was founded in 2001 with the sole intention of offering a unique sexual experience to both couples and individuals, regardless of their gender or sexual preferences. Their specialist background in neuromuscular stimulation is the foundation of all of their products.

ElectraStim high-quality electro sex toys are designed to give you a sexual experience that complements a range of erotic tastes. They use a universal 2mm pin connection for all their stimulation units and electrodes, so when you buy ElectraStim products you know you’re able to expand your collection without needing to buy new cables or components every time. All products are finished to a high standard to give you years of use with the proper care. As you would expect from any reputable manufacturer and supplier, all of their non-consumable items are backed by a 12 month warranty. When you buy an ElectraStim stimulator you are able to extend the warranty to 3 years by registering your purchase with them.




When using ElectraStim stimulators and electrodes you’ll feel tingling and contractions that complement sexual contact, improve the pleasure you feel and can even bring you to orgasm with no additional stimulation required. On higher levels electrostimulation can feel uncomfortable and even tortuous, which is why e-stim has such a close association with BDSM. The sensations you experience are entirely dependent on you, increase power slowly for a more sensual and erotic electro-sex experience.

Electro stimulation doesn’t feel like you would expect. Before I had tried it I thought it would be like when you get a static shop, that sharp tingling sting. But it’s more like the feeling when you get static on a balloon, and then trail it along your skin causing the hairs to raise up, that tingling sensation. Or like the feeling or arousal when a lover trails their fingertips over your skin but with added oomph.

They have a great range of products and we are now stocking all the options our wholesaler offers. First off we have the main component you’d need to start your ElectraStim journey, the Flick Duo Stimulator Pack, either on it’s own or as a multi with some accessories.

electrastim electrastim

The award winning Jack Socket electro stroker – combines the unmistakable sensations of e-stim with the intensely pleasurable stroking action of a realistic feel masturbator.


Nona Noir G-Spot Probe – The full curve, upward slope and short length make Nona proportioned to directly stimulate the G-spot or prostate and awaken your hottest internal pleasure zones.


5mm Urethra Sounding Probe – Constructed from solid medical grade stainless steel with a fully insulated handle, this probe is inserted into the urethra. Perfect for lovers to set that spark of desire alight or alternatively, ideal for fetish roleplay scenarios and electrical fetishes.


All three sizes of the  Noir Rocker Butt Plug – the answer to truly hands-free anal play. Thanks to our unique embedded inputs, you can connect a stimulator without having the pins jutting out at an awkward angle – a common issue with electro sex toys. You can rock, grind, better control pressure and improve contact with the body.


Rubber Cock Loops – You get amazing cock and testicle stimulation when you use these combined with an electrical stimulation unit.


We also have essential to aid your experimentation in electro sex;


Are you brave enough to give electro sex a try? Head over to our shop to buy today.


*Do not use electrostimulation kits if you suffer from any form of heart condition or problem, or if you are fitted with an electrical medical device of any form.

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