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Learn more about your bits

Oh my Bloody God YES!!!

I found out about this product at the end of December but it’s only now that I’ve been able to start shouting out about it! Diva, the magazine I wrote for, agreed that it should be a feature on their website but of course, as with magazines, things need to be planned a couple of months in advance. My article has just been published though, which means I can talk about it more here!!

Firstly, here is the link to my article on Diva.

This is one of the few pieces of research on women’s pleasure as a stand alone subject. Pleasure is the context, it isn’t linked with babies, it isn’t linked with hormones…it just looks at women’s pleasure and shares with us the results in the most accessible way ever.

Not only this, but it is using new technology too! (more on that later)

Through looking at the website, you can tell that the people who have conducted the research are well-meaning, are intelligent and sensitive to women’s needs and aren’t out to make a ‘quick buck’ . They give you all the stats and background on the research if you want to geek out on it and they very kindly give you a sneak preview too, so you can get an idea of what the product is. It is a great and welcoming website, it gives you an intro video too and is easy to navigate

It isn’t an app, but it definitely works best on a phone, because of phase 4.

It goes through 4 phases:

Firstly it lists one of the 12 types of orgasm. Let’s use ‘Hinting’ as an example.
When you click on Hinting, It explains in writing what Hinting means, and what type of orgasm it is.

Secondly it introduces you to 3 different women who talk about why they like it and how they discovered it.  They also get to tell you a little bit about themselves.

The third phase is that you are then offered to click on a video which is the woman demonstrating how they do it to themselves, and you get to see EVERYTHING!

Finally, now you must have it on your phone for this, it loads up that particular woman’s vagina, and it responds to your touch – IT’S THE FUTURE!! You can stimulate the woman’s vulva and she will respond to you. The lips and clit actually move with your touch.

How advanced is this?!

I haven’t yet gone through all the different types of orgasms on OMGYES yet and already I feel like I can now be a better lady lover (and to myself of course!) so, not meaning to blow my own trumpet, but if I can learn something new, as a sexpert, then you can too.

When you meet me and talk sex and pleasure, I always encourage you to experiment and do something different from the norm. This website will help inspire you to do this.

IMPORTANT – this product hasn’t quite hit the UK yet, so OMGYES have given me a unique link to help start to spread awareness of the website and the first 25 people that buy it get it at a discount of £19 instead of £40, so now is the time to go for it if you want it.

Click on this link to get it for £19 –

I welcome comments about this, what do you think? I’m in love all over again!

Dinah Vagina – Made in Roath 2015

A few days ago I was tweeted by @dinavaginaart telling me to come and take part in her lucky dip, which is one of the many exhibitions/installations involved in Made In Roath this year. So I popped in earlier!

The artist was there and was a woman who knew what she was talking about when it came to the clitoris – my kind of woman! To learn more about her, read her Artist Statement here She has recently completed a degree in Ceramics.

We had a fab chat for quite a while about the clitoris – her intention this weekend is to educate and show everyone what a ‘full’ clitoris looks like – no, not a real one! Her art today all had a print of the whole clitoris, and she also had factsheets on the clitoris, fab! You may remember that I wrote about the details of a lady’s clitoris – if you didn’t get the chance to read it, here it is.

She invited me to delve into her lucky dip and I won myself a clitoris button! I also got a badge a little later on :-)

2015-10-17 13.05.20

She really knows her stuff (we were able to exchange facts and learn from each other!) and, like me, she wants women, and men, to recognise that sexual pleasure is equal between men and women. We discussed all things clitoral related, and she showed me some books that she was selling, so when you pop down, buy one of them! She had a very interesting, yet sad story about the little red book.

2015-10-17 12.25.51

(My best mate got me the Cunt Colouring book years ago!)

I’m not going to tell you too much, but she felt a bit like a kindred spirit when we got chatting – she has the clitoris print on a few other items too, like egg cups and mugs. So go and see her, she is lovely and knows her stuff – she is That’s The Spot Approved! If that’s a thing!

She has a workshop in Swansea called Creative Bubble in January, which I am hoping to become involved with somehow. It’s from the 16th – 23rd. It will be a fab place to be! Visit (and like) her page to find out more details.

Here are a few more pics:

2015-10-17 12.13.122015-10-17 12.19.14 2015-10-17 12.13.00


She even has a clitoris skirt!

2015-10-17 12.19.20









This is only available to visit between 12 & 4 today and tomorrow (Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th)  – 219 Mackintosh Place, Roath!

In her words – #getcliterate x


Lube Up, Baby!

How many of you, as women, feel shame when you think about using lube?

Vulva’s vary a lot in shape, size, appearance and scent, and of course they can vary in the way they lubricate themselves too. Because of our ovaries and our hormones, we can be ‘wetter’ or ‘dryer’ at different times of the months, and on top of that, our lubrication can often depend on how we are feeling emotionally!

How many of you have been in situations where you start having sex with your partner but end up finding it a little bit uncomfortable because you weren’t quite wet enough? And in these situations, do you continue to have this slightly uncomfortable sex or do you stop it? Neither of these scenarios are ideal. If you continue with it, you will feel the effects of that dry friction for a couple of days – itchy, dry and agitating. If you stop the sex you fear that you may disappoint your partner, or your partner feels as though you don’t fancy them or that they weren’t ‘good enough’ because they didn’t make you wet enough. Cue lots of apologies and guilt and sadness – What a lot of stress!

Sorry, gents, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how sexy you are or how good the foreplay is or if you have cooked for her and washed the dishes that evening. Sometimes a woman can’t get as ‘juicy’ as she needs to be to have enjoyable sex.


Having a tube of lube in/on your bedside table or in your handbag can make a massive difference. It takes next to no time to squeeze a bit onto your finger or straight onto your bits (especially with the design of the lube bottle that I sell) and just that feeling of lube on your genitals and that lovely slippy and slide-y feeling can change everything. It is easier to massage your clit and/or to slip something inside you, and with a lubed up lady garden, the stress and pressure of ‘trying to get wet’ is gone and you can focus on enjoying the sex – HOW MAGNIFICENT!

If you are a couple that hasn’t used lube before, I understand it may feel a bit foreign trying it for the first time and maybe a bit weird, but just openly acknowledge with each other that you’re trying something different and recognise that this will only increase your enjoyment and never decrease it.

Using lube could change your sex life forever!

I have got 4 different lubes to choose from on my shop, all made by ID – a company that continues to win awards year after year! Click on each pic to find out more about them:










If you want to try out any of these lubes, I am offering 10% off the price of them for the next fortnight, just use the code LUBEUPBABY at the checkout – THIS OFFER IS VALID UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON APRIL THE 11th so this is a great opportunity to try it out!

Slippery-When-Wet-Sign-X-W8-10a (1)



Save yourself a ton of money and save the world with a Mooncup!

How many of us have made a New Years Resolution this year to watch what we spend, or to save money? I bet some of us have also thought about being kinder to the environment too?

This is all about doing both of those things!

For the first time in my blog, I am writing about periods. Periods happen to a lot of us and women  tend to feel a bit easier talking about periods than masturbation, but if you’re feeling a bit nervous about reading on, try and push through it because what I have to say will change the way you deal with periods! Everyone knows what a tampon and sanitary towel is, but how many of you know about Mooncups?  Discovering the Mooncup a few years ago made me feel a bit like a Jehova’s Witness – I want to knock on everyone’s doors and say ‘Join me! Join me in the amazing-ness of the mooncup! I don’t know what life is without it!!’ And I still feel like this!


The Mooncup is the item that will enable you to stop buying any sanitary towels and tampons FOREVER!! It costs £19.99 and this will be the last time you spend any money on period stuff.
It is a little reusable silicone cup that sits inside you and collects your menstrual blood, which you then empty when it is full. Simple as that! You’ve heard me harp on about silicone before (see materials blog) so you should know that it is a non-porous medical-grade material that is entirely body safe (not a hint of latex) and can be sterilised in boiling water to be cleaned and it will not change shape or do anything weird like melt. Now compare this to the tampon which is made of cotton, string and cardboard, which also has to be packaged up in paper and then more cardboard, or the sanitary towel which has a complicated system of different layers with different materials, has to be sticky on one side and also be packaged up in plastic and/or cardboard, now times that with the amount you use every month and then every year….do you see where I am going with this? There is energy and resources spent on creating these materials which can then irritate you physically too – tampons absorb moisture, any moisture, which isn’t healthy, and then they go into landfill. The Mooncup is incredibly environmentally friendly and even comes with an organic cotton storage bag and can last you literally a lifetime, if memory serves me right, I think I could have spent £20 on tampons and sanitary towels to last me maybe 4-5 months?

Here is a video by Mooncup with the information you need to know:

I have finally been able to add the Mooncup to my inventory and it is available to buy directly from me. It is something I have wanted to do for ages but wanted the company to settle in a little bit. I would recommend each and every one of you try it. If it doesn’t work for you, you would only have spent an extra £20 rather than a potential £2000 on sanitary products! It isn’t only about money though, remember, it is also about reducing landfill. Here is a link to some pictures to give you an idea of what effect you can have on the environment by Mooncup’s sister in America:

Imagine how much landfill could be saved if we all owned a Mooncup.

There are some women I wouldn’t recommend the Mooncup to, and that is to the ladies that aren’t big fans of penetration – those who don’t use tampons for that reason. You do need to get sightly intimate with yourself for a couple of seconds, just like you do when using a non-applicator tampon, so I know it isn’t for everybody. But for those who are ok with it, buy it!

  • It won’t leak, it has a seal designed for no leakage.
  • I know you will doubt this, so just wear a pantyliner with it for the first couple of times until you trust it!
  • As I have said in the past, the vagina only stretches as much as it needs to so you will not feel a discomfort whilst wearing it. If you do, try re-inserting it and it should be ok.

If you are still a but unsure about them, either email me about it or I can pop over with a demo item so that you can have a proper look at it.

Click here to buy one now!

Here is another brilliant video made by Mooncup!


I found the below link in October and put it on my Facebook page, and in the name of celebrating periods, I have added it to this post too!

23 Reasons Why Getting Your Period Is Worse Than The Apocalypse

Check out this link to head over to the shop and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have more questions,

Oh, and Happy New Year to you all, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

What is in a name?

Last week’s blog was quite a biological one. We all now know the ‘proper’ names for the bits within our bits but how many of us call our bits by their actual names? I don’t think I’ve ever called my vulva my vulva . I may use ‘labia’ from time to time but often find it easier to say ‘lips’ instead.

How many names to you have for your vagina? For me it depends who I am with and what mood I am in. I think my top 5 are fanny, cunny, foof, pussy and vag. Sarah Waters tends to use the word ‘cunny’ in her novels quite a lot and I think it’s quite cute and endearing! My choice of words to describe this area is surely going to expand, considering what I am now doing for a living, especially so I can make sure I fit the right ‘name’ for the right audience! From writing my blogs, I have realised I prefer to use the words ‘bits’ ‘nethers’ and ‘lady garden’.

At my soirees I ask everyone to share with the group their favourite or preferred word which not only breaks the ice but gives me an idea of women’s opinions on their genitals. A few years ago I remember having a random game of ‘let’s go through the alphabet and think of a name for the fanny in every letter’ with friends and it was surprisingly hard! There are loads of words for the fanny but to actually get them to start with different letters is something else! The one we got the most stuck on was  the letter R. I decided to make one up….Ribeye. ‘Lol’. It was quite a funny one but quite disgusting at the same time!

So I want to discover – what do you all call your foofs? And a slightly different question, what do you call them if you refer to them in general rather than just your own? Do you find it hard to call it anything? I reckon it can also be affected by who your partner is too – I know the names for mine has changed with the partners I have had!

I used to work in a call centre and once and a colleague and I started discussing it and found the word ‘flange’ a funny one – it’s one of those words that belongs to something completely different (google it…I can’t help but giggle when reading wikipedia’s explanation, it’s saying ‘flange’ whilst talking about pipes and wheels…but it’s still flange!) We became very bold and continued to discuss the genuine meaning of the word ‘flange’ ( and ended up getting a telling off from our supervisor…but we were like ‘flange is a real word, we were talking about how we can use flanges and how often we use a flange’ but she wouldn’t have any of it…how the hell did the word ‘flange’ end up being a nickname for the vag?! Oh and another colleague there had the realisation that day that he had been saying the word ‘frangipane’ wrong and had been calling it ‘flangipane’.

If you have watched a live performance of the Vagina Monologues I am sure you can all remember that moment where the three actresses on the stage get the whole audience to shout the word ‘cunt’ together, and shout it proudly and take ownership of it – I loved that! We should absolutely take ownership of it! It is nowadays used more often to describe a bad person but it’s origins are often debated – read for a bit more enlightenment.

A few women at the soirees tell me they often use the word cunt. I go through phases. I tend not to nowadays apart from when it comes out in my road rage (sorry for using it the wrong, unliberated way). I was brought up though, to never use that word. I am sure my mamma is quite disgusted by this part of the blog!

So let’s discuss – what are our favourite names for our nethers? My best man friend calls it a growler. He’s gay. I heard one last weekend by one of the soiree attendees that I hadn’t heard before – noonie – which could be used in Welsh too I suppose, ‘nwni’! I thought I knew them all but obviously not! I’d love to see if there are more I don’t know of…