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The best positions if your body has limited mobility

I was contacted recently by a graphic design company, Ghergich, who  designed a graphic for  X’s and O’s  which is a Sexual Wellness Resource Centre for Adults over 50.

They saw that I had a section to the website that discussed being older and remaining sexually active and they asked if I would be willing to share the graphic on my website, so I have done! I wanted to share it in a blog post too.

I love that there is an organisation out there that people over 50 can go to when it comes to sex advice. I get occasional customers that find it important to understand how accessible the toys that I sell are to their arthritic hands or their sight difficulties, etc. Things like these ailments are enough to put a person off having sex (with somebody else or just with themselves)

Showing people who are feeling a tad infirm how they can have sex and be good to their bodies is very important. After all, you may have an infirm body at the age of 55 and can still live on for decades – don’t stop having sex because you don’t think your body can take it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – sex can help you live longer. It keeps your heart healthy and your mood happy and your relationships more connected.

Without further ado, here is the graphic. If you are not this old yet, think about passing it onto your parents or grandparents. Yes it is a bold thing to do, but any sex positive person reading this will know I’m right! Make sure that you always have plenty of lube on you too.

This is also a good opportunity for us to have a look at what will happen to our bodies when we do get older, so this is definitely an education for us all!


The Best Sexual Positions for People with Limited Mobility

Continued post from my last post

Well, so much for me writing the second part of my post over the weekend!

So to continue from my last post

My lady Rock Chick came from Swindon with 3 other businesswomen and on their way home from the event the broke down…in the middle of the night. They had to wait quite a while to get ‘rescued’ and decided to discuss their businesses and their business skills. One of these women was a Kinesiologist. For those that don’t know what a Kinesiologist is, it is a person that is able to detect what type of food allergies or intolerances you have, or potentially health ailments too. They do it through testing your strength when you are around the food that may be bad for you. I am sure there is more to it than that but this is the basics of it!

This groups of women is awesome and I love being around them, one of them suggested that The Kinesiologist ‘did some kinesiology’ on Ms Rock Chick to see if her and the toy were suited to each other. She had, funnily enough, never done this before so gave it a go. The results were that she would have a good time with the Rock Chick! I have been in touch with Ms Rock Chick since but I haven’t found out if it worked!

So isn’t that pretty cool – to try out kinesiology on a sex toy! It’s something I may need to look into a bit, because this is even more niche than what I am doing now!

She has since expressed an interest in being That’s The Spot’s ‘face of the slightly older woman’ so you could actually find out at some point who this woman is! So watch this space! Remember you can sign up to my mailing list OR subscribe to my blog. The subscribe button for the blog is to the right of this post, and to sign up to the mailing list, sign up here:

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I look forward to keeping you all up to date with everything!


Rhi xx

I found one of my favourite customers this week!

This isn’t a blog to brag  about it but I would like this important post to serve as a reminder to what the ethos of That’s The Spot is.

As you may have seen on my social media, I am now officially a published author! It was the book launch on Wednesday and some of us authors brought along the things that we sold, including me. A couple of my fellow business members had brought a friend along who was interested in looking at what I had. She was very quick to buy the Rock Chick!

She wasn’t afraid of being seen buying it, she asked me the right questions, and as a result of this, it encouraged another businesswoman to buy a toy from me too – she was in a space in which we were talking openly about sexual pleasure and she felt safe and supported in the decision she made in buying a vibrator. I sensed that this was a big move for her, although I may be wrong.  This was in the space of 5 minutes – everyone was relaxed about it and it wasn’t treated as dirty or embarrassing in the slightest.

This Rock Chick woman is the kind of person I want every woman to be able to be – uninhibited, confident in their sexuality, not repressed or ashamed in any way. My company is exactly about this – helping women reclaim their body and their sexual power – and I have found a woman who exemplifies this perfectly. What made this even more special is that she is a bit ‘older’ (only a bit!) and in that age bracket of women who may have been brought up to think that masturbation was wrong.


It doesn’t stop there though – when we were at our meeting, and being a women’s business club, some of us were asked to show everyone our handbags (I didn’t show my rucksack!). Lo and behold, my no.1 lady stands up, shows her bag and it’s content and very nonchalantly pulls our her new vibrator – to a room of 60 women – and tells us that is her newest purchase, how AMAZING! Everyone roared with laughter, but I wonder how many of the other women would have had the confidence to be able to do what she had done. This lady is bringing it out of the bedroom and normalising it – which is EXACTLY what That’s The Spot is doing! My mantra is that knowledge is power and with more power we are enlightened and liberated!

There is more to this story, as it gets better and better! I shall write the rest of it this weekend, but to those that think they are ‘too old’ to enjoy vibrators or those that don’t want to entertain the thought of talking out loud about their body and their sex life, I urge you to reconsider this. This woman was vibrant, happy and a joy to be around – I am not saying that it is all down to her confidence in showing a vibrator to 60 women, but there’s a lot to be said about being open and honest and not worrying so much about what other people think.

This lady helped inspire 4 other women to come to me after the meeting – one has never owned a vibrator before, but she does now! Another found the confidence to tell me that she was ready to have a proper chat with me about her sex life. During the meeting, I had another member ask me to show her some of my toys, and of course there was the other lady I spoke about earlier.

I want this to inspire confidence in you to come to me and take that step into the unknown, explore this world and be happier as a result of it!

I shall publish the other part of this blog this weekend, but for now, don’t be afraid – get in touch with me – and we can chat or organise a sex toy soiree for women over the age of 50 x