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The Ruby Glow

Every now and again, a toy comes on to the market that excites, impresses me and warrants a blog post to dedicate to it. It’s the toys that have something completely different about them that appeal to me and make me proud to be in this business.

Ruby Glow is one of these toys. It came out earlier this year and I was wowed by it straight away and I’m gutted that I haven’t made the time to write about it yet. Not long after coming out, it was nominated for “Most Innovative New Product 2016” at the ETO awards – the industry awards. It also won “Most Innovative New Toy 2016” at the Sign Magazine’s awards.


Ruby Glow was invented by Tabitha Rayne, an erotica writer and blogger (and now inventor!). Even when somebody is used to writing erotica, it can still, as you can imagine, still get one a bit hot and bothered every now and again! This was the original premise of the Ruby Glow – to provide some physical pleasure whilst typing erotica, but it has now become so much more than this.

The basics of the Ruby Glow is that it is a vibrator that you can sit on – with or without clothes. It is saddle shaped with a soft bump on either side, one ribbed, one smooth – each side has a motor in it. You can put both motors on, or one or the other, all depending on what you fancy. It has 10 different vibration settings in both motors. The buttons are at the front of the toy, so when you are sat on it, you can change the vibration modes if you want. You could have one motor giving you one sensation whilst the other motor gives you a different one. Party! It is made from silicone, the healthiest material for sex toys and it only requires 2 AAA batteries. It isn’t fully waterproof so don’t submerge, but it is splash proof so can be washed easily.

As this is a toy that you can sit on, imagine how good it is for people who can’t use their hands or wrists properly, or have limited mobility. The Ruby Glow has made it possible for people who can’t use a lot of vibrators… to use!

So if you don’t have functioning arms, if you are a wheelchair user, if you have aches and pains, this toy is the answer to your ‘prayers’.


If you are a fully able person who can use any toy they want, here is the perk for you – you can watch porn when you’re sat on this. You can read erotica sat on it. You can even pop it on the couch when you get home from work and sit down for a bit whilst you are catching up with social media or your recording of Home and Away. It doesn’t have to be your main focus when you are using it. It can just be a little pleasurable feeling to help you relax and smile for a bit! (I could be sat on one right now!) Imagine how fabulous this would be for sexy Skype times with your long distance lover.

You could use the Ruby Glow with your partner too. Imagine you are a woman sat on a chair wearing  strap-on, your female or male partner is straddling you so you’re not only getting the pleasure from her/him riding you, but also you’re getting some vibrations on your clit, perineum and/or vaginal entrance – you’re adding layers to your pleasure.

You could use this for a power play scenario too, get your partner to sit on it and control what she feels.
If you’re a woman giving oral sex, you could position yourself so that you are getting some ‘Ruby Glow pleasure’. The possibilities are endless!

The Good Housekeeping guide rated it number 2 in their vibrator reviews earlier this year.

It also appeared on Good Morning by Tracey Cox!

I really do take my hat off to Tabitha Rayne for inventing this toy and to Rocks Off for working with her on making this toy a reality. The Best of Britain! This is a bloody brilliant toy and I recommend you get this for any friends that may have arthritis or limited mobility. For what it is, it’s a great price and also comes with a 6-month warranty.

Now don’t delay, give it a go!

This is honestly the most amazing toy in the world!!!

I have worked hard over the last couple of years to not involve my own sex life in my job, which has been quite difficult but the correct way to do things. I do promote openness and encourage people to share their masturbation stories, but I have found it quite important to facilitate these discussions whilst remaining professional…but this needs to go on pause for this blog entry because I HAVE JUST HAD THE MOST AMAZING ORGASMS EVER and I need to tell you all about it!

There is a new toy out and I’ve bought some stock along with one for myself and I’m SO GLAD I DID! If you don’t want to know the details of what this toy did to me, just skip the next small paragraph


Before I tell you about it, I just want to tell you what it did to me. I had multiple orgasms within minutes and ejaculated. I don’t ejaculate much so this was quite special!


It is called the Satisfyer Pro 2 and has completely new technology in it that does something totally different to your clitoris.

Here is how it works:

It doesn’t vibrate, it instead has a little suction function on it, where it sends waves back and forth and these suck ever so lightly on your clitoris. You simply place the nozzle on your clit and hold it there. The nozzle will send these waves onto you and… oh my god… it will have the most amazing effect on you.

The feeling may be quite intense for some of you, depending how sensitive you are and where on your clit you place it, but seriously, if you had it on your clit, you would want to leave it there to see where it went.

Satisfyer Pro 2 non boxed image shot 06

Satisfyer Pro 2 boxed image shot 07



There is a toy out that is a bit similar and this came out last year, it’s called The Womanizer. That will then explain why this toy is called the Satisfyer Pro ‘2’. At around the same time, both companies were producing their toys and there was a clash of interest, so the company that made the Satisfyer Pro went back and invented a new version of the toy and created, what I consider to be, a better version. The Womanizer has been out for a while and the reviews have been mixed. I was interested in selling them but the manufacturers made it difficult for me to get hold of any stock, but the Satisfyer Pro 2 people were more than happy to give me some stock! The main difference between the two items is that the Satisfyer Pro 2 has two different chambers (rather than the one) which enables the air to be transferred from one to the other, which is what makes the air that comes out of the nozzle feel good. It also has more functions – 11 to be exact. On top of that, it is waterproof and isn’t as noisy. When you turn it on it will be noisy BUT as soon as it’s on your clit, the noise will pretty much disappear. It also has a better name, costs less, is easier to clean and looks better!

With regards to cleaning it, you simply take the silicone nozzle off, and can clean that separately if you wish (either with some sex toy cleaner or you can pop it into a pan of boiling water to sterilize it) then you can clean the main bit with toy cleaner and warm water.

I am yet to try it in water but I can’t wait. The way the technology works means that the water will create waves that are even more intense than the feeling it gives outside of the water. Bring it on!

I can’t recommend this toy enough – this is now my favourite, it has knocked the rest of the toys out of the water. I have one piece of advice for when you use it for the first time – put a towel underneath you! Oh, and on the note of ejaculation, if you aren’t used to ejaculation, have a wee before you start your session, because when/if you do get that feeling that you’re going to wee (which is often how it can feel) you will know that it is NOT wee, as you just had one, and this will allow you to come with no fear.


So what are you waiting for! Go Go Go!! 

Introducing the best Nipple Jewellery in the world!!!

I am very excited to introduce you to a completely new collection from That’s The Spot. It’s not a vibrator or a dildo and is accessible to women, men, and all those in-between!


I first met Nick and Sveta in Bristol this April at the Alternative and Burlesque Fair. They were selling nipple jewellery. Sveta showed me (very skilfully) how to wear the jewellery by using my small finger as an example. I tell you what – there is nothing like this out on the market. This is the kind of jewellery that you can wear whether you have pierced nipples or (more importantly) NOT! It is such a simple invention, you would wonder why this hasn’t been introduced to the world until now! You simply twiddle your nipples a bit so they stand to a attention and pop the loop over it and tighten it, and there you have it – pretty nipples! The loop can be loosened or tightened, dependent on the mood of your nipples and they come in sooo many styles and colours, there is something to suit everybody.

Here are some to give you an idea:



Nick and Sveta are the owners of this Nippleicious – they make the jewellery themselves and charge a really decent price for them too, so even those with a tight budget can afford them. The ones above, for instance, are £10.95 & £12.95 They have really taken off this year, and there are so many sex bloggers and experts in the industry going crazy for them, ranging from Charlotte Rose to Horny Geek Girl and soo many more. They are currently working with a particular high end pleasure store and one of the biggest wholesalers in the UK are in the middle of sorting out a contract with them.

So Nippleicious are growing from strength to strength but guess who currently has exclusive rights to sell them in Wales? Me! This is the first time that anyone in Wales will be able to check the nipple jewellery out in real life and be able to buy them in person!

I shall be bringing the jewellery to the soirees, and the local fairs in the forthcoming months. The first fair they will make their debut at is the International Welsh Cabaret Festival at the Sherman Cymru next weekend – Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of November. You should have this on your list of places to visit anyway, but if you haven’t, I would recommend you pop in, see a show and take part in their workshops. They will also have a marketplace there where I shall be and this is where the product is going to be launched. You should pop in and check them out and see them for yourselves, I will do the little finger demonstration on them too to help you understand them!

So remember, they are NOT nipple clamps, they are NOT piercing jewellery, they are NOT nipple pasties or tassles that need sticking on, they are nipple friendly for all!

Nippleicious also sell chain and decolletage sets – so there are a bit more to these. Here are a couple of what I shall have with me at the fair:


Syrena's Tears Lilac


Most of them are detachable too.

Oh, I LOVE this one!









I can’t wait to show them to you all next weekend!

If you can’t make it to the fair next weekend but still want to check it out, get in touch with me and we can work out a way to show them to you! You can also keep an eye on my events page  or organise a soiree x


My top five picks from Sexhibition

For those that read my previous post about Sexhibition, you will know how busy we were and that I didn’t get much chance to look around all the stalls in as much detail as I hoped I would be able to. Some stalls really caught my eye though, and I want to recommend them and for you to have a look!

These are in no particular order:

Shiri Zinn makes the most beautiful dildos I have ever seen, and the most beautiful harnesses! She also makes butt plugs! We had a lovely chat and she showed me how heavy a lot of the dildos and butt plugs were, they were made of glass and were just so sculptural! She has given me her blessings for me to sell her items on my website, so as soon as I have money to buy in some stock, I shall have the harnesses available and maybe the dildos (she only mentioned the harnesses in her email to me!)

Misfortunes of Virtue was another very different stall, what you found on sale there were some very beautiful handmade silverwork with art inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade. It is items like cufflinks and spoons and the like, so you don’t immediately see the images on the items straight away! On Friday we had a good chat with Mary, the owner, and again, I am looking to get these up for sale on my website too :-)

Ethical Kink stood out to us. This is a company that handmakes their fetish and BDSM gear or sources it ethically. Their products are vegan, they don’t use sweatshops or source from companies that use sweatshops, they donate monthly to the International Labour Rights Forum, who’s aim is to promote humane treatment of all employees, and much more.
Becky chatted with Stu, the owner, on the Friday evening and on Sunday I gave him advice about which manufacturers I know to be the most ethical.

The Bondageman is a great company – they sell a lot of stuff but they also make candles especially for heat play and they advertised these candles through showing pictures of some of the art that one can create on somebody’s back, very cool! You should go to their website just to see these pics! They did a bit of a demo for us, using wife lady’s arm – very helpful!

Sheets of San Francisco is my final recommendation. They have created a sheet that is completely waterproof so you can have sex as messy as you want and you will not get your bed messy! Any liquid will stay on the outside and protect your bed and mattress, brilliant! The sheets feel nice and sexy too and they make limited edition prints too. This is another item that shall be up for sale on my website soon!

On top of these recommendations, I want you male readers to check out  Love Your Balls . They spent all weekend showing men how to check their testicles to make sure that they were good and healthy and making them aware of testicular cancer. I admire them for setting up there and bringing this really important issue to the event.

A special mention goes to Love Arc, who I got to spend a bit more time with. I met them at the trade show in June and already have their fab creation for sale on my website  

Another mention to Kinky Monkey, who’s harnesses I have sold since I started a year ago. The owner Clare is awesome, and so helpful! Despite her being there, I still sold some of her harnesses, and she even let me buy a particular one off her so I could sell to my customer, wow!

It was great to also see Horny Geek Girl – sex toy reviewer and writer of erotica – and have a hug and a catchup. I met a couple more sec toy reviewers too – Justindecerous and ‘Jessica’ of Jessica’s Rabbit (I am not sure if she would like her real name mentioned?!)  who are also in the same profession as Horny Geek Girl.

I had the pleasure of catching with Lulu who is my contact at Rocks Off (a brand I am very big on, as you can tell if you’ve attended a soiree of mine!) Seb from one of my wholesalers, and Tanya from Intimate Torment, who was a big help to me last May at a Bristol event when I asked her how I actually find the wholesalers! Seb’s company was the first one she recommended :-)

I’ll tell ya what was really great – A woman called Charlotte Rose introduced herself to me on the Sunday and upon hearing my reply to ‘What does your company do exactly?’ she invited me to be interviewed on her radio show which she hosts on a Monday night! It was great to be a part of it, and thank you Charlotte, for supporting my business through inviting me to be on the show! Charlotte is a great woman – you all need to look at what she does – – she is a sex worker, a political campaigner and a sex educator, and I look forward to keeping in touch with her.

Here is a recording of the show, listen to it all, but if you have to pick a point in it, go to the 97th minute to hear me :-) She also interviews Shiri Zin and Simon, the male half of LoveArc.

I love this business and I love the connections I make. Everyone is so happy and positive and just great company, so much love to you all xxx


Introducing a new service from That’s The Spot!

I have recently added a new service to my customers, which is to be your own personal shopper.

Choosing me to be a personal shopper has a lot of plusses:

  • You receive a service that doesn’t exist anywhere else I know of in the world
  • It is free!
  • You can remain anonymous
  • You are not restricted to just the stock on my website
  • You can be experienced in the use of sex toys and tell me exactly what it is that you are looking for
  • You may not have ever used a sex toy before and want sensitive and bespoke advice

Here is the link to the webpage so you can read all of the details –

“But you already do consultations, and they cost money – what is the difference?”

Let me tell you!

Consultations involve me visiting you with stock in tow and examples of the toys. Personal shopping is done over email or Skype/Facetime.

Consultations give customers the chance to look at the toys ‘in real life’ and get a good idea of them and for the hour that I am with you, you can discuss whatever it is you would like me to. Personal shopping has one purpose, which is to find the right toy.

I have to travel to you for a consultation, which costs petrol money and more of my time. Personal shopping is done in small bites of time, enabling me to work this around my schedule more efficiently.

My guarantee of being able to offer you that toy to buy immediately at the consultation means ensuring that my stock is up to date which costs more money. Personal shopping allows me to order a toy for you on a one-off basis.

Both of these services are incredibly unique, though so you are lucky to have me here! The personal shopping enables me to reach more people worldwide whilst the consultations remain exclusive to South Wales.

So if this sounds good to you, get in touch! Visit my website for all of the details.

Rhiannon xx

Call for guest bloggers, and fill in my survey!

So who has been reading my posts and has wanted to express their own thoughts and ideas, or share something I haven’t yet? I welcome you to get in touch with me – email me on and tell me what you’d like to write about.

It could be an opinion post, a post talking about experiences or your favourite toy/s. You don’t need to be an expert!

If you are yet to fill in my survey, please take 5 minutes to do so. I am trying to get 500 answers by the end of the month. Visit and share it with your friends, etc. Let them know it asks some personal questions but it is annonymous.

Through carrying this survey out, it is going to help shape That’s The Spot’s future and help it become something even more special than it is already.

Whilst I’m here, I may as well let you know that I have added another page to my website to let you know of forthcoming events that I shall be trading at –

Whenever I am in the area, I am always happy to have a soiree too, so bear that in mind!

As it’s a short post today, I shall leave you with a YouTube vid of me showing off some of That’s The Spot’s Dildos!


Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

Yes, that is my tedious link to Easter! I don’t sell chocolate eggs or rabbits (only nipples and willies), but maybe a few love eggs and rabbit toys! Here is my little collection of rabbits and I am offering 15% off these toys over the Easter Weekend, including Bank Holiday Monday  – use the code EASTERRABBIT at the checkout!

EASTER! Starring:


BendableRabbit Jackrabbit Loverider Rabbit PurpleRabbit











































Here is a tongue in cheek Easter vid starring a couple of my rabbits that come along with me to soirees and consultations, with a surprise visit from another toy too!


*The only other thing I would like to say is that I am carrying out some market research and would love it if you could all fill it in and pass it to your friends, family and colleagues! The answers are proving very helpful to me and will help me become an even better company! Visit this link and fill it out!*


Rhi xx

Lube Up, Baby!

How many of you, as women, feel shame when you think about using lube?

Vulva’s vary a lot in shape, size, appearance and scent, and of course they can vary in the way they lubricate themselves too. Because of our ovaries and our hormones, we can be ‘wetter’ or ‘dryer’ at different times of the months, and on top of that, our lubrication can often depend on how we are feeling emotionally!

How many of you have been in situations where you start having sex with your partner but end up finding it a little bit uncomfortable because you weren’t quite wet enough? And in these situations, do you continue to have this slightly uncomfortable sex or do you stop it? Neither of these scenarios are ideal. If you continue with it, you will feel the effects of that dry friction for a couple of days – itchy, dry and agitating. If you stop the sex you fear that you may disappoint your partner, or your partner feels as though you don’t fancy them or that they weren’t ‘good enough’ because they didn’t make you wet enough. Cue lots of apologies and guilt and sadness – What a lot of stress!

Sorry, gents, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how sexy you are or how good the foreplay is or if you have cooked for her and washed the dishes that evening. Sometimes a woman can’t get as ‘juicy’ as she needs to be to have enjoyable sex.


Having a tube of lube in/on your bedside table or in your handbag can make a massive difference. It takes next to no time to squeeze a bit onto your finger or straight onto your bits (especially with the design of the lube bottle that I sell) and just that feeling of lube on your genitals and that lovely slippy and slide-y feeling can change everything. It is easier to massage your clit and/or to slip something inside you, and with a lubed up lady garden, the stress and pressure of ‘trying to get wet’ is gone and you can focus on enjoying the sex – HOW MAGNIFICENT!

If you are a couple that hasn’t used lube before, I understand it may feel a bit foreign trying it for the first time and maybe a bit weird, but just openly acknowledge with each other that you’re trying something different and recognise that this will only increase your enjoyment and never decrease it.

Using lube could change your sex life forever!

I have got 4 different lubes to choose from on my shop, all made by ID – a company that continues to win awards year after year! Click on each pic to find out more about them:










If you want to try out any of these lubes, I am offering 10% off the price of them for the next fortnight, just use the code LUBEUPBABY at the checkout – THIS OFFER IS VALID UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON APRIL THE 11th so this is a great opportunity to try it out!

Slippery-When-Wet-Sign-X-W8-10a (1)



Finally! A new kind of Hen Party Goody Bag!

You’re a maid of honour, you’re organising the bride’s hen do and want to give everyone gift bags. You don’t want to go down the whole ‘willies on straws’ route but you don’t want the gift bag to be too boring either. You want all of the attendees to actually use what you’ve put in the bags and you wouldn’t mind a bit of kudos for thinking outside the box and for giving them all something they haven’t had before – if this sounds like you, you need to visit my Hen Party Goody Bag Collection! 

What I have in this collection are options for different kind of hens – young and care free, married with children, gay/bi girls, post-menopausal or a mix. If you’re on a night out, Think of how great it would be equipped with handbag sized lube, condoms and vibrators! If anyone gets lucky, they can use some of it, and if they go home alone, they can still use it, or if they go home to their partner, they can also use it!

If you aren’t having a night out and are doing a daytime activity, think of how grateful everyone will be for getting a vibrator in their gift bag  – how thoughtful of you! You are thinking about their happiness and health here! Or just providing a bit of a giggle on the day, but this is where the kudos comes in!

There are different choices of lube and can come in small, medium or large sizes, like this ID Glide:











I also have these choices in 3 other different types of ID lube, and then of course there is flavoured lube!

Juicy Lube Tube








The vibrators I have chosen to put in this collection are mostly small and colourful, including ColorPOP bullets, Blingo and Bullet Buddies!









You know what is amazing about these toys? ColorPOP bullets are £7.99, the Buddies are £9.99 and the Blingo is £10.99 – so affordable!

If you are looking for maybe a bit of class, but cheeky class, look at the make up vibrators. They look so much like make up but all serve as vibrators or balms!

You can get the vibrating chapstick for £9.99






There is also lipstick, mascara or a blusher brush for £24.99 each or this nifty little thing for £14.99 – a mirror compact with a hidden compartment for a bullet!






Along with handcuffs, more beautiful bullets, condoms and tingly lip balms, there is something cheeky here that should make everybody smile! If you do want a bit of silly willy, check out the Edibles Collection  to get your mint/jelly/cola willies (and more!) or alternatively get your mind/jelly/cola boobies!

Pass this blog onto anyone you know that is organising a hen party this Spring and let them know that there is something different to provide to everyone this year. You can’t get this anywhere else.

Rhiannon x




The Svakom ‘Selfie Stick’

So it looks like it is Svakom’s ‘Selfie Stick’ that has aroused interest on social media this week! Here is just a small amount of  the articles on it, read them to get a variety of opinions:

Here is the Independent’s Article

Here is Bustle’s take on it

Huffington Post

One more opinion on it – Hello U (I wasn’t fond of this one!)

Svakom1      Svakom2

I was lucky enough to look at this toy at the national trade show last June when I was setting the business up. I loved the look of it and was really interested in the extra dimension it would add to the sex toy experience. I loved how technologically advanced it was, (I love a gadget!) and was very impressed that they had remembered to include an LED light on and they also showed me how the camera doesn’t shake when it vibrates – what a mean feat! This device is designed to pleasure you and for you to explore yourself via your computer and Face Time and you can also take pics! WOW! The colour is the perfect purple too 😉

So I was very impressed by this piece of technology but the more people I spoke to about it, the more I realised I was part of the minority. I suppose this is another example of how some ladies can maybe feel a bit embarrassed about their bits and would rather not focus on anything to do with it.

It’s great that the Siime, or Gaga (it’s real name, not ‘selfie stick’ or vagina selfie device’) has had some coverage this week and hopefully it will interest and intrigue more women.

Not only is it an amazing piece of technology – an HD camera that can take pics without any shake in it installed in such a small device, and a rechargeable, waterproof silicone vibrator with various settings, it is also giving us all the chance to see what goes on ‘down there’. It has taken the premise of that 70’s style exploration of your genitals through the use of your mirror and has taken it to the 21st century! You can explore yourself like you would with a mirror without having to get yourself at a funny angle, and then you can explore yourself inside too! Imagine what Dr Masters would have said to this! I can’t wait to see what my insides look like at different states of arousal, how bloody cool!!!!

This will not only educate yourself but it will educate your partner too. Like I always say – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and the more you know about your bits, the more you know how to treat them.

It costs £99.99 you can get it in Black or in Purple.