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Give the Human Library a go at Cardiff Library

Hi all!

Next week is the second Human Library event in Cardiff and I managed to make enough of an impression at the pilot that they have invited me back!

The Human Library is a great concept. It is where people become human books, and other people can come along and ‘read’ the book, which, on this occasion, means to chat with a person about the specialist knowledge they have. There is a great line up of various ‘books’ for the event next Saturday, the 18th of February.

Some other titles include:

Supporting loved ones with dementia

Social Model for disability

Female Genital Mutilation

Who am I – life as an adopted person.

There are loads more, and you can book yourself in for a 30 minute conversation with any of the books, which you can find hereIt is taking place from 11-4.30 and you can ‘read’ as many ‘books’ as you want to. Each slot lasts for 30 minutes, and it is free! I would recommend booking in advance if there are books you definitely want to read. There may be space on the day for some books but it can’t be guaranteed. It all depends on who is savvy enough to sign up!

So if you live in or around Cardiff and fancy hearing some interesting life stories, meeting some interesting people or educating yourself on something new, all for free, this will be the place to be.

For those who enjoy reading my blog but haven’t yet had the chance to meet me, this could be the opportunity for you! I will be there from 11-3 and will bring some toys for people to have a look at if they want, but this more an opportunity to chat rather than check out some sex toys!

You can read all about it on their Facebook Page or their website and remember to book yourself a place!

For now, have a lovely week.



My episode on Pillow Play, which I can give you for half price!

Last year I wrote a review of Pillow Play for Diva Magazine, when I was their Sex/Life writer. It was in the print magazine so you’d need to order a back-order, otherwise, here is my online article I wrote that linked in with the review.

Pillow Play is an app designed to encourage intimacy between partners, regardless of gender or sexuality. I know though –  the word ‘app’ and ‘intimacy’ don’t seem to go together, do they! I’ll tell ya what, though, in this instance, they definitely do! I will leave you to read the details on the actual website but here are the basics:

The app consists of a series of audio scripts that direct an exchange between you and your partner that promotes intimacy. All you need to do is press play, then you can focus on you and your partner. So yes it’s an app, but the app’s service is given over audio, so you don’t have to go back to the app at all whilst you are following the directions given to you both.

The thing I find most fabulous about it, is that it doesn’t involve any genital touching, which is BRILLIANT. It’s up to you what you want to do after the episode has finished, but what Pillow Play does is encourage thoughtful foreplay, or more importantly, different ways of reaching that feeling of intimacy with each other, and that lovely yummy squishy feeling of closeness.

The app shows you many different ways of getting intimate, there is a different theme to each episode, so there is something for everybody. What it does is inspire you, and also helps you both give up control. It allows you to not have to think. It might sound weird, but surrendering yourself to a state of non-thinking is a powerful and rewarding act, and it also increases the focus on each other and yourselves.

I thoroughly recommended this app to the readers of Diva, and after that, I ended up building a relationship with the founder of the creator of Pillow Play, Darren, and I ended up writing my own episode for them!

If I were to pinpoint my area of expertise, it would be physical pleasure with sex toys. The episode written by me is therefore focused on introducing a bullet vibrator into the bedroom, and how to use it without touching the genitals.

I would love for you lot to listen to it and see what you think. It is a great way to break that barrier that many couples have of bringing a toy into the bedroom, and it is a reassuring episode to show you that sex toys aren’t the scary things that some people think they might be. The episode is called ‘Toy Tease’.

And guess what, I because I am one of the authors, I get to give you a DISCOUNT!

When the app is purchased, the buyer gets themselves all 30 of the episodes from Pillow Play, , only for $99 (although it is British made, there are justified reasons why it is in only dollars rather than British pounds) – so with 30 episodes, it’s only $3.30 per episode, or £2.65. This is already a great deal. As the two of you are using it, you can even go as far to say that it is £1.32 (and a half) each.

BUT! What I can do is HALVE the price and offer it to you for $49 only, which is only £1.30 per episode (75p each!). BRRILLLIANT! And how timely for Valentine’s day!

I should ‘warn’ you though, as it charges in dollars, it will ask you to pay some tax, too

(In the interest of transparency, I want to let you know that I am an affiliate of Pillow Play, so I will get a percentage of the amount you spend. So it would be great if you can make sure that you click on the links on this post to make sure that I do get a cut of it. After all, if you read my blog regularly, you have been getting a lot of good information for free already 😉 and on top of that, no payment swapped hands in the writing of this episode)

I was recommending this app way before I got involved with it, so for $49, which is only £39, I reckon you should go for it. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the app!

Rhi xx