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The best positions if your body has limited mobility

I was contacted recently by a graphic design company, Ghergich, who  designed a graphic for  X’s and O’s  which is a Sexual Wellness Resource Centre for Adults over 50.

They saw that I had a section to the website that discussed being older and remaining sexually active and they asked if I would be willing to share the graphic on my website, so I have done! I wanted to share it in a blog post too.

I love that there is an organisation out there that people over 50 can go to when it comes to sex advice. I get occasional customers that find it important to understand how accessible the toys that I sell are to their arthritic hands or their sight difficulties, etc. Things like these ailments are enough to put a person off having sex (with somebody else or just with themselves)

Showing people who are feeling a tad infirm how they can have sex and be good to their bodies is very important. After all, you may have an infirm body at the age of 55 and can still live on for decades – don’t stop having sex because you don’t think your body can take it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – sex can help you live longer. It keeps your heart healthy and your mood happy and your relationships more connected.

Without further ado, here is the graphic. If you are not this old yet, think about passing it onto your parents or grandparents. Yes it is a bold thing to do, but any sex positive person reading this will know I’m right! Make sure that you always have plenty of lube on you too.

This is also a good opportunity for us to have a look at what will happen to our bodies when we do get older, so this is definitely an education for us all!


The Best Sexual Positions for People with Limited Mobility