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Oh my Bloody God YES!!!

I found out about this product at the end of December but it’s only now that I’ve been able to start shouting out about it! Diva, the magazine I wrote for, agreed that it should be a feature on their website but of course, as with magazines, things need to be planned a couple of months in advance. My article has just been published though, which means I can talk about it more here!!

Firstly, here is the link to my article on Diva.

This is one of the few pieces of research on women’s pleasure as a stand alone subject. Pleasure is the context, it isn’t linked with babies, it isn’t linked with hormones…it just looks at women’s pleasure and shares with us the results in the most accessible way ever.

Not only this, but it is using new technology too! (more on that later)

Through looking at the website, you can tell that the people who have conducted the research are well-meaning, are intelligent and sensitive to women’s needs and aren’t out to make a ‘quick buck’ . They give you all the stats and background on the research if you want to geek out on it and they very kindly give you a sneak preview too, so you can get an idea of what the product is. It is a great and welcoming website, it gives you an intro video too and is easy to navigate

It isn’t an app, but it definitely works best on a phone, because of phase 4.

It goes through 4 phases:

Firstly it lists one of the 12 types of orgasm. Let’s use ‘Hinting’ as an example.
When you click on Hinting, It explains in writing what Hinting means, and what type of orgasm it is.

Secondly it introduces you to 3 different women who talk about why they like it and how they discovered it.  They also get to tell you a little bit about themselves.

The third phase is that you are then offered to click on a video which is the woman demonstrating how they do it to themselves, and you get to see EVERYTHING!

Finally, now you must have it on your phone for this, it loads up that particular woman’s vagina, and it responds to your touch – IT’S THE FUTURE!! You can stimulate the woman’s vulva and she will respond to you. The lips and clit actually move with your touch.

How advanced is this?!

I haven’t yet gone through all the different types of orgasms on OMGYES yet and already I feel like I can now be a better lady lover (and to myself of course!) so, not meaning to blow my own trumpet, but if I can learn something new, as a sexpert, then you can too.

When you meet me and talk sex and pleasure, I always encourage you to experiment and do something different from the norm. This website will help inspire you to do this.

IMPORTANT – this product hasn’t quite hit the UK yet, so OMGYES have given me a unique link to help start to spread awareness of the website and the first 25 people that buy it get it at a discount of £19 instead of £40, so now is the time to go for it if you want it.

Click on this link to get it for £19 –

I welcome comments about this, what do you think? I’m in love all over again!

How has your 2016 started?

I’m happy to say that I’ve had a good start to my year, let’s see if it continues!

January saw me publish my first articles as the new Sex/Life Editor for Diva – the National UK Magazine for Lesbian, Bi and Queer women.

Here is my  first piece published in January
This is my February piece
And this is the March piece that has just been published. I am going to write more about this very soon because I am IN LOVE with this product!!!

I also write an article for their print magazine every month, which you will need to buy to read.

I compered Ignite Cardiff in the last Wednesday of January. I did a talk there last year (watch the vid here). Steve Dimmick, the person who has compered every night for over 3 years had to miss his first one and I was the lucky one to be invited to host it in his absence. I really enjoyed the experience and it looks like everybody enjoyed having me there so that was very cool! That evening I hit my 500 followers mark on Twitter too :-) Here’s the one pic of me so far. (I hate the pic because it’s reminded me of how much weight I have put on over the last year BUT I am doing something about that this year…and apparently it’d not the best angle of me!) But I have to say – I felt great and that’s what really matters, right?Ignite








A couple of days later, on the Friday, I found myself in a dressing room at the ITV studios on the Southbank! They were filming a second (and much better) series of Sex Box (which I wrote about in December) which this time is hosted by Steve Jones and Goedele Liekens – my new hero since watching the programme “Sex in Class” . I was part of the studio audience and got interviewed by Steve (who is SUCH a nice guy!) about my job and my expertise and I got to show him the Sqweel too.

I also got to meet Goedele and chat clitoral legs, which was so amazing! You can tell how ecstatic I was to get a pic with her!

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The voting for the Planet Awards has come to a close and the winners will be announced on the 20th of March at a glamorous event in London so I shall let you know how it went for me. Thank you to those who took the time to vote for me. There are still some places left for the awards ceremony so check it out if you want to come along.





I have also been writing for Ultimate Planet:

Here is the first article
Here is the second article
Here is the third article

The fourth one will be out soon!

I took place in an LGBT History month event on Sunday organised by Planet London and Lewisham’s LGBT community. It was a Yoga, spirituality and sex afternoon. I spoke about the basics of pleasure and sex toys, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as did I!

On top of that, I have a personal trainer and am eating cleanly so that’s another good start to the year :-)

The only thing missing, really, is money. Despite the above, I am still not getting enough purchases from you lovely people and am struggling to keep enough money in the bank. If you would like to support my business then take a look around the shop. If there is something stopping you from shopping with me, tell me and I will see if I can do something about that.

I don’t just sell toys. I also sell nipple jewellery , games , hen party goodies and jokey sweets. I even provide a personal shopping service. What can you not like? If this really isn’t your bag, spread the word around and tell your friends.

I would love feedback if you have any.

Thanks and love you loads, Rhiannon x