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GUEST POST – How you as women can help detect the first signs of Testicular Cancer

I met Mike when I was at Sexhibition in August, he had a serious message to give to everybody that was there. I saw him in action a couple of times – speaking with the visitors – and it looks like he made a huge impact. I got in touch with him afterwards and he was willing to write me a guest post so the message can be spread that little bit further. Here is is story:

“Mark had been ill for a while, visiting the doctors with various ailments, but being assured it was nothing more than him being run down. Then on December 27th Mark collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

I still remember Mark calling me from hospital on the evening he was told it was cancer, I remember just bursting in to tears and falling to the floor, handing the phone to my wife, I couldn’t speak. Jen calmed me down gave me the phone back and told me to just go and see him.

Marks cancer was different, he had been diagnosed with Teratoma  with no primary site, this translates to testicular cancer without the common signs and symptoms. I’ll spare you the details of the 11 months that followed, just know it was painful for all involved.

Mark passed away at the age of 24, having married Leah only a few weeks before. In the weeks leading up to Marks passing he decided to start a charity to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer and to promote self-examination.

Its Mark’s determination that drives us to speak to as many people as possible, to let them know about TC and what they should be looking for. During our first 5 years we have had conversations with couples and seen research that’s shows that its often the man’s partner who finds the change to the testicle during sexual activity.

That’s what brought us to Sexhibition in Manchester with our ‘While You’re Down There’ awareness stand.  We spoke to hundreds of men and women, both single and couples, talking them though the signs and symptoms and showing them how to perform a testicle examination using our prosthetic testicles.

Now the important bit, how to check and what to look for.

  • The best time to check you testicles, or those of your partner, is after a warm bath or shower when the skin of the scrotum is looser, but any time is fine. Do this once a month.
  • Hold a testicle and gently roll it in-between between your thumb and forefinger. Get used to how your healthy testicles feel, that way if you do notice any changes you know to get to the doctors.
  • You are looking for any lumps, bumps, hardening or swelling in the testicle. Most men have one testicle that is larger than the other, or one that hangs lower, this is perfectly normal. But if you notice a change in the size of one of your testicles this should set alarm bells off.
  • Other signs and symptoms include pain in the stomach, pain in the lower back, loss of sex drive, pain or swelling in the breast area, being over tired or being unwell for a longer period than usual.

If you notice any of the above then you need to visit your GP as soon as possible, if your GP is female and this makes you uncomfortable then you can request a male GP. Most lumps and bumps turn out to be harmless, but you need to make sure.

Early detection is key.

If it does turn out to be TC and you have caught it in stage 1, then it is 98% curable, surely that’s good enough reason to start to check yourself once a month.

We will be at Sexpo London in November, so come over and see us and learn what to do ‘While Your’e Down There’ it will be great to meet you.



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Dinah Vagina – Made in Roath 2015

A few days ago I was tweeted by @dinavaginaart telling me to come and take part in her lucky dip, which is one of the many exhibitions/installations involved in Made In Roath this year. So I popped in earlier!

The artist was there and was a woman who knew what she was talking about when it came to the clitoris – my kind of woman! To learn more about her, read her Artist Statement here She has recently completed a degree in Ceramics.

We had a fab chat for quite a while about the clitoris – her intention this weekend is to educate and show everyone what a ‘full’ clitoris looks like – no, not a real one! Her art today all had a print of the whole clitoris, and she also had factsheets on the clitoris, fab! You may remember that I wrote about the details of a lady’s clitoris – if you didn’t get the chance to read it, here it is.

She invited me to delve into her lucky dip and I won myself a clitoris button! I also got a badge a little later on :-)

2015-10-17 13.05.20

She really knows her stuff (we were able to exchange facts and learn from each other!) and, like me, she wants women, and men, to recognise that sexual pleasure is equal between men and women. We discussed all things clitoral related, and she showed me some books that she was selling, so when you pop down, buy one of them! She had a very interesting, yet sad story about the little red book.

2015-10-17 12.25.51

(My best mate got me the Cunt Colouring book years ago!)

I’m not going to tell you too much, but she felt a bit like a kindred spirit when we got chatting – she has the clitoris print on a few other items too, like egg cups and mugs. So go and see her, she is lovely and knows her stuff – she is That’s The Spot Approved! If that’s a thing!

She has a workshop in Swansea called Creative Bubble in January, which I am hoping to become involved with somehow. It’s from the 16th – 23rd. It will be a fab place to be! Visit (and like) her page to find out more details.

Here are a few more pics:

2015-10-17 12.13.122015-10-17 12.19.14 2015-10-17 12.13.00


She even has a clitoris skirt!

2015-10-17 12.19.20









This is only available to visit between 12 & 4 today and tomorrow (Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th)  – 219 Mackintosh Place, Roath!

In her words – #getcliterate x


I’m still alive!

Hey you lot,

I have spent the last month trying to mend a problem with my blog – it hasn’t let me access the admin side for a few weeks and I have been backing and forthing with tech support to no avail, and of course, with me being somebody that likes to post every week, and enjoying providing such good quality information (most of the time!)  it has distressed me somewhat!

This morning I finally got in touch with my web designers who set this up for me (I was trying to be Ms Independent and sort it out myself!) and they sorted it out for me in 30 seconds, darnit!

I have a few posts to get up – the first one is my final blog for of the L Fest series of blogs, and the part 4 was already embarrassingly late and now it’s a month later than that now!

So yeah, will get that up now, innit!

Rhi x