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Lube Up, Baby!

How many of you, as women, feel shame when you think about using lube?

Vulva’s vary a lot in shape, size, appearance and scent, and of course they can vary in the way they lubricate themselves too. Because of our ovaries and our hormones, we can be ‘wetter’ or ‘dryer’ at different times of the months, and on top of that, our lubrication can often depend on how we are feeling emotionally!

How many of you have been in situations where you start having sex with your partner but end up finding it a little bit uncomfortable because you weren’t quite wet enough? And in these situations, do you continue to have this slightly uncomfortable sex or do you stop it? Neither of these scenarios are ideal. If you continue with it, you will feel the effects of that dry friction for a couple of days – itchy, dry and agitating. If you stop the sex you fear that you may disappoint your partner, or your partner feels as though you don’t fancy them or that they weren’t ‘good enough’ because they didn’t make you wet enough. Cue lots of apologies and guilt and sadness – What a lot of stress!

Sorry, gents, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how sexy you are or how good the foreplay is or if you have cooked for her and washed the dishes that evening. Sometimes a woman can’t get as ‘juicy’ as she needs to be to have enjoyable sex.


Having a tube of lube in/on your bedside table or in your handbag can make a massive difference. It takes next to no time to squeeze a bit onto your finger or straight onto your bits (especially with the design of the lube bottle that I sell) and just that feeling of lube on your genitals and that lovely slippy and slide-y feeling can change everything. It is easier to massage your clit and/or to slip something inside you, and with a lubed up lady garden, the stress and pressure of ‘trying to get wet’ is gone and you can focus on enjoying the sex – HOW MAGNIFICENT!

If you are a couple that hasn’t used lube before, I understand it may feel a bit foreign trying it for the first time and maybe a bit weird, but just openly acknowledge with each other that you’re trying something different and recognise that this will only increase your enjoyment and never decrease it.

Using lube could change your sex life forever!

I have got 4 different lubes to choose from on my shop, all made by ID – a company that continues to win awards year after year! Click on each pic to find out more about them:










If you want to try out any of these lubes, I am offering 10% off the price of them for the next fortnight, just use the code LUBEUPBABY at the checkout – THIS OFFER IS VALID UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON APRIL THE 11th so this is a great opportunity to try it out!

Slippery-When-Wet-Sign-X-W8-10a (1)



You all need to refer me!

Hello lovelies, it’s my birthday tomorrow! I was born on the first day of Spring, the first day of Aries and on Mother’s Day, making my mum a mum – what an honour! I thought Mother’s Day was every 11 years as it fell on my 11th birthday and 22nd birthday but it’s my 33rd birthday tomorrow and it’s 6 days out – pattern ruined!

Anyway. This blog post is to enlist all of your help. For those that know me, I have put my heart and soul into this business for the last 10 months and being a new business owner, I am learning a lot of new things through lots of trial and error, which is probably a rite of passage when it comes to owning your first ever business! I really do believe that this business has the potential to make waves and change Wales’s attitude towards sex, masturbation and sex toys. A lot of you agree with this – you can see how good I am at providing  this service. You all tell me that I am warm, engaging and help people feel at ease when talking about difficult topics. My bows to my string include being able to speak Welsh, being a gay woman, having worked in the best sex toy shop in the UK and the ability to provide toys on the spot at consultations and soirees. You are all supporting me from the sidelines and some of you are willing to give ideas and opinions. I need to ask you to all show more support though. I may not have spent my capital as wisely as I should have (hindsight is a beautiful thing!) and before I can spend any more money on marketing, I need to bring some money in, so the best way for me to market myself right now is to ask you all to actively refer me.

It is a massive advantage when a business gets customer referrals and I know that it is a bit more challenging to refer a business like mine, but this is why social media is great – posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc doesn’t single anyone out – you won’t have the awkward thing of trying to figure out if somebody would appreciate your referral or not – just put a status or Tweet up telling them how great and unique That’s The Spot is. Tell them about my blogs, my YouTube videos or your experience at a soiree or consultation, or if you are yet to be a customer, recommend me as a person and tell everyone how forward-thinking this is and how they need to see me now before I am in demand!  Don’t wait to see if someone would be interested in it, they can either choose to read your status/tweet and then follow a link to me if they want to. I am surrounded by a lot of forward thinking people so please do help me out.

If you want some sort of draft, what about ‘People need to visit this website now – – high quality and bespoke help choosing the right sex toy – there isn’t anything else like it! I fully recommend it’

If you refer me and it is successful, I will give you a nice reward for doing so – something to be agreed between the two of us!

Just as a reminder, to get links to my Twitter Handle, Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and email address, it is on the top right hand side of my website.

Reviews on Facebook are also helpful.

(Oh, the most helpful one of course is to book me in for a soiree so your friends can see for themselves!)

Thank you so much in advance,


Rhi (The Birthday Girl!)


Finally! A new kind of Hen Party Goody Bag!

You’re a maid of honour, you’re organising the bride’s hen do and want to give everyone gift bags. You don’t want to go down the whole ‘willies on straws’ route but you don’t want the gift bag to be too boring either. You want all of the attendees to actually use what you’ve put in the bags and you wouldn’t mind a bit of kudos for thinking outside the box and for giving them all something they haven’t had before – if this sounds like you, you need to visit my Hen Party Goody Bag Collection! 

What I have in this collection are options for different kind of hens – young and care free, married with children, gay/bi girls, post-menopausal or a mix. If you’re on a night out, Think of how great it would be equipped with handbag sized lube, condoms and vibrators! If anyone gets lucky, they can use some of it, and if they go home alone, they can still use it, or if they go home to their partner, they can also use it!

If you aren’t having a night out and are doing a daytime activity, think of how grateful everyone will be for getting a vibrator in their gift bag  – how thoughtful of you! You are thinking about their happiness and health here! Or just providing a bit of a giggle on the day, but this is where the kudos comes in!

There are different choices of lube and can come in small, medium or large sizes, like this ID Glide:











I also have these choices in 3 other different types of ID lube, and then of course there is flavoured lube!

Juicy Lube Tube








The vibrators I have chosen to put in this collection are mostly small and colourful, including ColorPOP bullets, Blingo and Bullet Buddies!









You know what is amazing about these toys? ColorPOP bullets are £7.99, the Buddies are £9.99 and the Blingo is £10.99 – so affordable!

If you are looking for maybe a bit of class, but cheeky class, look at the make up vibrators. They look so much like make up but all serve as vibrators or balms!

You can get the vibrating chapstick for £9.99






There is also lipstick, mascara or a blusher brush for £24.99 each or this nifty little thing for £14.99 – a mirror compact with a hidden compartment for a bullet!






Along with handcuffs, more beautiful bullets, condoms and tingly lip balms, there is something cheeky here that should make everybody smile! If you do want a bit of silly willy, check out the Edibles Collection  to get your mint/jelly/cola willies (and more!) or alternatively get your mind/jelly/cola boobies!

Pass this blog onto anyone you know that is organising a hen party this Spring and let them know that there is something different to provide to everyone this year. You can’t get this anywhere else.

Rhiannon x




The Svakom ‘Selfie Stick’

So it looks like it is Svakom’s ‘Selfie Stick’ that has aroused interest on social media this week! Here is just a small amount of  the articles on it, read them to get a variety of opinions:

Here is the Independent’s Article

Here is Bustle’s take on it

Huffington Post

One more opinion on it – Hello U (I wasn’t fond of this one!)

Svakom1      Svakom2

I was lucky enough to look at this toy at the national trade show last June when I was setting the business up. I loved the look of it and was really interested in the extra dimension it would add to the sex toy experience. I loved how technologically advanced it was, (I love a gadget!) and was very impressed that they had remembered to include an LED light on and they also showed me how the camera doesn’t shake when it vibrates – what a mean feat! This device is designed to pleasure you and for you to explore yourself via your computer and Face Time and you can also take pics! WOW! The colour is the perfect purple too 😉

So I was very impressed by this piece of technology but the more people I spoke to about it, the more I realised I was part of the minority. I suppose this is another example of how some ladies can maybe feel a bit embarrassed about their bits and would rather not focus on anything to do with it.

It’s great that the Siime, or Gaga (it’s real name, not ‘selfie stick’ or vagina selfie device’) has had some coverage this week and hopefully it will interest and intrigue more women.

Not only is it an amazing piece of technology – an HD camera that can take pics without any shake in it installed in such a small device, and a rechargeable, waterproof silicone vibrator with various settings, it is also giving us all the chance to see what goes on ‘down there’. It has taken the premise of that 70’s style exploration of your genitals through the use of your mirror and has taken it to the 21st century! You can explore yourself like you would with a mirror without having to get yourself at a funny angle, and then you can explore yourself inside too! Imagine what Dr Masters would have said to this! I can’t wait to see what my insides look like at different states of arousal, how bloody cool!!!!

This will not only educate yourself but it will educate your partner too. Like I always say – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and the more you know about your bits, the more you know how to treat them.

It costs £99.99 you can get it in Black or in Purple.