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Ignite Cardiff, what an experience!

Well I’m still feeling a bit gushy about my fabulous experience at Ignite Cardiff from Wednesday evening and would like to write a bit about it this week!

For those that don’t know what Ignite is about, it is an evening where people can talk about something that they are passionate about. The speakers that want to talk about their passion are organised in advance and they have about 10 speakers every time Ignite is on, which in Cardiff has on a bi-monthly basis.  The speakers can be absolutely anybody, they just need to have the confidence to stand up in front of an audience of 450 and to be organised enough to sort out their talk in advance of the evening, and to be able to time well! They can get in touch with the organisers and they will get picked based on the type of talk they want to do and how it fits in with the rest of the topics that night. I mentioned being able to time well because when you talk, you have 20 slides of images chosen by you and each slide lasts 15 seconds and automatically moves on!

Here is their website for more info –

I have wanted to do an Ignite talk for a few months and was able to ensure I was free and prepared to do it for January. I was in touch with Ed Barnett throughout the whole lead up to it and he was very helpful and supportive. The topic of the subject we agreed on was ‘Why is Masturbate still a dirty word’? And it was the opportunity for me to be able to get people talking about this more with the big aim being to liberate and enlight the women in the audience. I’ll tell ya what, a 5 minute talk with a slideshow takes much longer than 5 minutes to organise!

I used to to stand up comedy so was used to talking in front of crowds, and I even used to work at the Glee Club, where it is hosted, so I wasn’t worried about that! My biggest challenge was writing my 5 minutes in 15 second slots and making sure it ran well! When it got closer to the night I realised that I had never talked about masturbation in front of that many people at once, which finally made me nervous! Also, because of the title of my talk, there was a little bit of ‘hype’ around my appearance and I was hoping I wouldn’t disappoint.

I was the 5th person to speak and felt sorry for the person following on from me because I seem to get this a lot – when I introduce myself in business and social circles, people do not enjoy trying to ‘follow on from that’ but Kevin Paterson who came on after me was amazing with a very touching talk.

The night was full of fabulous speakers. Lucy Cohen, owner of Mazuma in particular made me laugh! I knew Carey Wallace too, we have been in touch about getting a promo vid together for That’s The Spot but that’s on the backburner whilst I wait for the company to break even! Allie Brock was also there talking about how the game/sport roller derby works. She plays for the Tiger Bay Brawlers, the team I also joined a back in 2011. I knew her because of this and used to be on the committee with her for a while too. The reason I don’t do roller derby anymore is because just over 2 years ago I snapped my ankle in half whilst doing a drill, and I was only one more test away from graduating to being a ‘proper’ brawler! I just didn’t have the confidence to go back on the track after that though. There was one point where she talked about injuries and I wanted to join in! The Tiger Bay Brawlers are an awesome team though and one of the highest ranking in Europe at that!

When I did my chat, I was still worried about whether I was going to live up to the expectations but I soon realised that my main concern should have been the speed of the talk! 15 seconds go faster when on stage! I had to cut out a few things from my talk but at least I kept up with the slides, pretty much! When I finished I wasn’t sure if the audience enjoyed it as much as I hoped but the feedback I got back was just fabulous! I based a lot of my talk on my second ever blog post and it seemed to have quite the affect on a lot of people. It was mainly aimed at women,  but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of men that approached me afterwards and told me what a great talk it was. I set everybody a challenge too – to talk to at least one person about masturbation in the next 7 days, be that favourite position, favourite lube or biggest frustration, and I really hope they all do. As That’s The Spot, my aim is to liberate the women of Wales and then the world!

Some of the feedback from the women was:

‘We need someone to be brave enough to get up and talk about it, and you did it, so thank you’

I was described as hilarious, funny, moving, I even had someone in stitches and someone else in tears (according to Tweeters on Twitter!)

Steve Dimmick, the compere Tweeted this about me later on –  “The nicest wanker I’ve ever met. Diolch yn fawr, ma’am.”

Here are another couple of quotes from Twitter:

Everyone loves it, very few have a courage to talk about it! Well done 😉

where is place you can know about the EU and the benefits of masturbation…..quality in my eyes

So just got a bit lively! Thanks for the lols .

The fabulous Ebbw Media film each speaker so keep your eyes peeled for when the vid comes out – here is the link to my profile on their website –

I’ll obviously announce it when it’s ready too :-)

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Rhiannon xx

Lesbian Valentine Market Event

I am so happy and excited about the little lesbian market event we are having at Wow Bar on Sunday the 8th of February!

As somebody who is trying to make sex toys more accessible and a bit more ‘normal’ for a lot of people, I have found it difficult to find platforms in which I can show off my products to an audience that would be too worried/self-conscious about going into an adult shop, and wouldn’t even consider allowing a vibrator in their bedroom.

I am a member of a women-only business club called I Am Woman and they have monthly events/meetings in their different areas and if I want, I and any other member can bring their products to sell for the first hour. I have taken advantage of this! I was also pointed towards a female-focussed christmas market called Glitzy  (they had cocktails for everyone who came in and a topless butler!) and I was able to sell at both of these events in December in Bridgend and Llantrisant, thank you Sakura of Pinkfire Events!

In order for me to get my products to more audiences though (my aim is to get every woman in Wales equipped with a vibrator!), I realised a couple of months ago that there is nothing stopping me from doing my own markets! Being a gay woman, and a Welsh speaker, I have created a service not only for housewives, business women, single women and divorcees, but I can give this service to gay/bi women and Welsh speakers. No one else in Wales is able to do this.

Because of this, I set my sights on having a lesbian-focussed market. I contacted Wow Bar over christmas time – a very established gay bar in Cardiff (where I used to go to when I was a new little lesbian at 18!) about setting up a market in their downstairs area, which was for women to buy Valentines Presents for their girlfriends/wives. Vicky from Wow got back to me straight away and was very excited to hear that I wanted to do this, she told me that it is something that they have wanted to do for a while. So we set a date – February the 8th – and I then went hunting for other women in business based in Cardiff that either sold items that were appropriate for gay/bi women or were owned by gay/bi women.

I got a decent amount of interest and am happy to say that we have 5 stallholders raring and ready to go! There is only enough room for 5 stalls so it’s important that they are the right stalls and that the women that enter the space have the best 5 stalls!

The first stallholder is myself of course. I will have on my stall all of my my dildos harnesses and lubes. I will also have things like booby sweets and after dinner nipples! Check out these links to have a better idea of what will be there:

In the run up to the event, I am releasing a series of videos onto my YouTube Channel focussing on dildos and harnesses, here is my YouTube Channel to see all the videos x

The second stallholder that was first to jump on board is Natasha, an Aussie girl who makes many things, but the highlight is her clay boobie pots! All hand made and they are all individual – here’s a pic of some of them:








Natasha is taking orders, so comment on the pic on Facebook (click on the pic and it will take you straight there) and she will keep that one for you. Her company is called ‘Ugly Knees, Crafts and Such’. Brilliant!

The second woman to jump onboard was Angharad Griffin, who is a beautifully gifted tailor. She owns The Griffin and the Fairie, which is a tailoring service aimed exactly at women who fear the thought of wearing a traditional wedding dress on their special day.

Check out their Facebook Page and their Website









Angharad will be there to chat with anybody who is considering a different kind of outfit for their wedding day, and for anybody who is thinking about proposing on Valentine’s Day. You will also be able to see examples of what she has created in the past.

Stallholder number 4 is Joh (Johanna) who basically makes anything and everything! Her trade is a prop maker but she is bringing something very unique along to our event – lesbian lovespoons!! She is designing some exclusively for this event so this is something to get very excited about.  Here is her Facebook page 









Stallholder number 5 is getting announced on the event page tomorrow so make sure you visit it tomorrow! I am so glad that she can make it though because I love her stuff!

Click Here to see more details about the event and be kept up to date with news about it.

At time of writing, the event is just over a fortnight away! In the name of lending a hand, can you all share this blog post and/or the Facebook event link. Any gay/bi girls you know that live in South Wales need to know about this! It is a very unique event and I don’t know of anywhere else where this would exist outside of London (and maybe Brighton and Manchester!) So support our businesses and share!

I am using the hashtag #lesbianvalentine for this event so for all on Twitter, USE IT!


Rhiannon xx

Fifty Shades of Grey NEW Collection

Hello again, look at me posting on a Saturday!

As promised in my previous blog post, I wanted to get the complete collection of the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection of toys, and hoorah I have now! 48 ITEMS! By coincidence, the ones I have added today have been the new items to the collection, and wow they are quite cool!

Follow this link to take you to the collection –

The additions include  7 new bondage items and 6 luxury items. Here are my favourites from the new items:

(Click on the pics to take you to the links)





INTRODUCING The Whole Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection!

With less than a month before the release of the film, people are definitely starting to think about Mr Grey again!

The trilogy of the Fifty Shades Of Grey books took the world by storm back in 2011 and 2012 and saw this fabulous re-awakening of many women and men’s sexuality as a result of it. Did you know that over 60 million women worldwide have read the books?

The books received plenty of criticism  – be that the way in which it was written, the misogynistic element within it and the plot-line itself. It made us question Grey’s issues and why it was possibly not a healthy way to partake in BDSM like he did. The BDSM world welcomed new members – being that willingly or unwillingly, husbands were shown a side of their wives they hadn’t seen before, I also heard that it was because of this book that this country was able to get out of a recession when it did – all the women were buying vibrators!

I wasn’t a part of the industry when the books were the talk of the town but through being back in the industry in the last year it has been interesting to see how the retailers have felt about it. When I found out that there were official 50 Shades sex toys I told myself I wouldn’t sell them because they would probably be cheap and tacky and just a money maker. Through doing my job though, and interacting with various customers and clients, I think to be able to have official 50 Shades ‘merchandise’ allows women to feel more comfortable in buying vibrators, butt plugs, jiggle balls and some bondage items too. Most of the women who have read Fifty Shades of Grey hadn’t or haven’t been to an adult retailer before. So, for me, as somebody who wants to get every woman in Wales to own a vibrator and use it, it is exciting to think that there is a way to introduce them to sex toys in a way that is more acceptable for them. Are you one of these women?

I have done my research on the toys and these items aren’t tacky at all! They aren’t of the highest quality, which is why they are nice and affordable, but they aren’t the type that will break after 5 uses either. This enables women to access toys if they have a tight budget. In case you didn’t know, the toys I am talking about have all been approved by EL James (the author) and the second ‘wave’ of toys have recently been for the release of the film, a lot of these are called the ‘luxury’ items, for those that do want to invest a bit more money into their pleasure items.

It makes sense for me to sell these toys now. I want to introduce women to them. We can all have our piece of Grey – be it a clitoral vibrator, bath oil, or a beginners bondage kit. There is something for everybody in this collection. Even if it is a packet of condoms or a masquerade mask, it’s brilliant!

I have been getting the collection together all afternoon and am happy to say I’m almost done!! There are a few more to sort out after I post this, but I need to eat – especially being on a Slimming World Diet, it is taking all of my strength not to go to the vending machine in my office building! I also like to keep to my word and post on a Friday afternoon/evening and we are getting into night time soon.

Anyway, without further ado I want to present to you the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection !! (apart from the last 10 items which will be up by this time tomorrow!)

Here are my top picks:

(Click on the images for more information)


Massage Cande

Massage Candle

Beginners Bondage Kit

Beginners Bondage Kit

Glass Wand

Glass Wand

Spanking Ruler

Spanking Ruler









I will have more recommendations tomorrow, which is when I upload all the ‘luxury’ items, so be sure to check my blog again tomorrow! Just remember, after you have watched the film at the cinema, you can get the merchandise from here! I’ll be at the first showing…what can I say…it’s my job!

I will also be doing Fifty Shades of Grey Parties in February onwards so book me in my clicking on this link – I am getting very booked up for February so bear that in mind.

Contact me if you have any questions, Rhiannon xxx



Save yourself a ton of money and save the world with a Mooncup!

How many of us have made a New Years Resolution this year to watch what we spend, or to save money? I bet some of us have also thought about being kinder to the environment too?

This is all about doing both of those things!

For the first time in my blog, I am writing about periods. Periods happen to a lot of us and women  tend to feel a bit easier talking about periods than masturbation, but if you’re feeling a bit nervous about reading on, try and push through it because what I have to say will change the way you deal with periods! Everyone knows what a tampon and sanitary towel is, but how many of you know about Mooncups?  Discovering the Mooncup a few years ago made me feel a bit like a Jehova’s Witness – I want to knock on everyone’s doors and say ‘Join me! Join me in the amazing-ness of the mooncup! I don’t know what life is without it!!’ And I still feel like this!


The Mooncup is the item that will enable you to stop buying any sanitary towels and tampons FOREVER!! It costs £19.99 and this will be the last time you spend any money on period stuff.
It is a little reusable silicone cup that sits inside you and collects your menstrual blood, which you then empty when it is full. Simple as that! You’ve heard me harp on about silicone before (see materials blog) so you should know that it is a non-porous medical-grade material that is entirely body safe (not a hint of latex) and can be sterilised in boiling water to be cleaned and it will not change shape or do anything weird like melt. Now compare this to the tampon which is made of cotton, string and cardboard, which also has to be packaged up in paper and then more cardboard, or the sanitary towel which has a complicated system of different layers with different materials, has to be sticky on one side and also be packaged up in plastic and/or cardboard, now times that with the amount you use every month and then every year….do you see where I am going with this? There is energy and resources spent on creating these materials which can then irritate you physically too – tampons absorb moisture, any moisture, which isn’t healthy, and then they go into landfill. The Mooncup is incredibly environmentally friendly and even comes with an organic cotton storage bag and can last you literally a lifetime, if memory serves me right, I think I could have spent £20 on tampons and sanitary towels to last me maybe 4-5 months?

Here is a video by Mooncup with the information you need to know:

I have finally been able to add the Mooncup to my inventory and it is available to buy directly from me. It is something I have wanted to do for ages but wanted the company to settle in a little bit. I would recommend each and every one of you try it. If it doesn’t work for you, you would only have spent an extra £20 rather than a potential £2000 on sanitary products! It isn’t only about money though, remember, it is also about reducing landfill. Here is a link to some pictures to give you an idea of what effect you can have on the environment by Mooncup’s sister in America:

Imagine how much landfill could be saved if we all owned a Mooncup.

There are some women I wouldn’t recommend the Mooncup to, and that is to the ladies that aren’t big fans of penetration – those who don’t use tampons for that reason. You do need to get sightly intimate with yourself for a couple of seconds, just like you do when using a non-applicator tampon, so I know it isn’t for everybody. But for those who are ok with it, buy it!

  • It won’t leak, it has a seal designed for no leakage.
  • I know you will doubt this, so just wear a pantyliner with it for the first couple of times until you trust it!
  • As I have said in the past, the vagina only stretches as much as it needs to so you will not feel a discomfort whilst wearing it. If you do, try re-inserting it and it should be ok.

If you are still a but unsure about them, either email me about it or I can pop over with a demo item so that you can have a proper look at it.

Click here to buy one now!

Here is another brilliant video made by Mooncup!


I found the below link in October and put it on my Facebook page, and in the name of celebrating periods, I have added it to this post too!

23 Reasons Why Getting Your Period Is Worse Than The Apocalypse

Check out this link to head over to the shop and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have more questions,

Oh, and Happy New Year to you all, Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!