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I need your help!

Hey beauts,

I am going to be doing some market research soon because I want to make sure that I am giving to people the things that they want and also adding even extra value to their experience that they didn’t expect. I would love for all of my readers to give me one suggestion each of what kind of questions you think are important to be asked to my kind of audience. I am talking about women of different age ranges and sexualities, those that are single or in couples or an other type of relationship, and also men. I want to help men out when they are choosing a gift for their lady partners. If you can share this around anyone you think that would love to be a part of this important market research, please do. I shall be asking one or two ‘representatives’ of each age range, sexuality, gender, etc to get together with me to discuss it further. I shall then be sharing my market research survey with as many people as possible so that I can make my business the best it can be.

I also want to know you opinions on my website – did you know I had a shop online? And how does it feel when you navigate my website? And my online shop? How many of you would like to buy with me but have been put off by something?

This is all very important stuff so I look forward to your input. It would be great to get you all involved!


Next time I post a blog, Christmas would have been, so I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and here’s wishing you all get something you can really enjoy!


With love and pleasure,


Rhiannon xxx

Changes in porn legislation – are we going backwards?!

Hi everyone,

Last week we found out that there have been changes in the censorship law within the UK. Being in the industry I am, you can imagine the uproar on this decision, and too right too! When one works in an an adult industry – be that sex toys, porn, erotica or brothels, you would expect most of us to be open minded and intelligent individuals. Jugements can be made on us too though, that we are perverts and have a one track mind, but having met and chatted with a lot of people in the adult industry, 99% of these people are smart, kind people.

I am a member of a Professional Sexologist group on Linkedin and many a conversation has been had about it – a lot of these people have PHDs and are highly educated in their field. Not one person agreed with this law.

Three acts are banned as they are considered life threatening:




Other acts banned are spanking ‘beyond a gentle level’, full bondage and restraint, abusive language and the one that has left me completely gobsmacked is that female ejaculation is banned – FEMALE EJACULATION! It is one thing to ban things that have a level of violence in them that is often tamer than what can be seen on some horror films, but to ban female ejaculation is absolutely outrageous, and women, do you know why this is outrageous? Because it is fine to show male ejaculation, so yet again, we suddenly have different rights to the opposite sex AGAIN! Inequality between sexes is always going to wind me right up. The rest is down to taste, and because of that, people have a choice of whether or not they would like to watch something.

I want to share a couple of articles with you about it and help you understand what these bans entail. Interestingly, it will effect the smaller production companies that are alternative and arty and keep the big wigs that shoot porn the your predictable big boobs and big willies in the money.

My argument is if you think these kind of things should be banned, stop making those violent video games, horror fims and stop the Jeremy Kyle show – he is what makes me want to strangle people! I’d love to hear what you think about this xx