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Spotlight on Fun Factory and why I love them!

I was introduced to Fun Factory when I worked for Sh! back in 2008. I was immediately attracted to their toys because the designs were so sculptural and beautiful! They were bright colours with some occasional happy faces on them, which I did like because they made me smile! (I know that this can creep some of you out though!)

Each and every toy was made of safe material – medical grade silicone and/or body-friendly hard plastics (see blog on materials for more info – – and before Fun Factory arrived, this ‘take’ on sex toys didn’t really exist. Most items were manufactured in Asia and could look a bit crude. In Fun Factory’s words – “The mission of the FUN FACTORY founders was to develop sex toys which fulfilled high standards by providing quality and functionality combined with fun and sensuality, and thereby entice women and men to passionately use pulsators, dildos, vibtrators and other toys without any misplaced shame.”
Ironically, in 2008 when I first knew of them, Fun Factory won a ‘Reddot design award’ for one of their toys – the first time for a sex toy producer to win such an award. They have also won the ‘iF product design award’ for 3 of their items in 2010.

Since 2008 they have got even better at what they do. Back then, they were beating competitors by making their toys 100% silicone (making it body safe, soft and easy to clean), waterproof and powerful. By now they have even more designs and most of these toys are now rechargeable via a magnetic USB charger (making them quieter and stronger) which looks like this – FF_USBMAGNETICCHARGER_1020103_01

annd a lot of them have the ever-so-handy ergonomic loop at the base, making it much easier to user the toy itself. All of their vibrators are equipped with various strengths of vibrations and different pulsations and escalations too. Some toys have a ‘Fun’ button, which enables you to turn the vibrator on and off quickly if needed. Many buttons on vibrators that offer different types of vibration need to be held down for a few seconds to turn off. They are still way ahead of the game and remain on top of it! Fun Factory are a German company and apparently there’s the stereotype of Germans being good engineers? Well these guys definitely are!
If you want to know more about them, visit

When I opened my company up, I had to be very selective in which items I sold, because part of my aim is to have a demo item of all of my toys available to show to clients. With this in mind, the first items I made available from Fun Factory were:

Paul & Paulina



The Share

and the Stronic

The item that has absolutely blown me away is their newest toy – the Stronic –!!! For those that are lucky enough to have had a feel of it, they know that there is no other toy that compares to it! Technically speaking, actually, there is no other toy that compares to it – they have created a new category of sex toy. What makes this toy so special is that it ‘pulsates’ rather than vibrates. What does that mean? This toy can finally do the thrusting for you! It really does have to be seen to be believed. I think every woman at each soiree so far has put the Stronic on her wishlist!! I even had a woman almost cry when she felt the stronic in her hands. She had made jokes about meeting her ‘life partner’ that evening and it turns out that she actually did!
Something else that Fun Factory do is good dildos. Almost all of the lesbians have heard of the Share – I have owned one for years, and due to it’s popularity, this is why I made sure it was available to buy from me straight away. As far as I am aware, the Share dildo was also the first of it’s kind. It was a double ended dildo with a distinct difference – instead of making it just one long dildo, it was divided into the ‘passive’ and ‘active’ sides. This was the answer to the question of ‘how can I have strap-on sex without a strap-on?’ Basically, the ‘active’ person pops the bulbous end inside of them, the pelvic floor muscles automatically clench around it, so they hold it in, then the other end, the ‘dildo’ part is used on the ‘passive’ person. This is the closest, so far, that a woman can feel to having a willy! She can even feel it move inside her partner, amazing!
The Share isn’t only for girl on girl action, a woman can use this on her male partner anally too.

I started writing this blog over a week ago and realised that if I were to publish a blog raving about how amazing Fun Factory were, I needed to make sure that I gave you enough examples of their fabulous toys, so I have now been able to make time to choose the other Fun Factory items that I would like to sell. Fun Factory have a lot of amazing toys available so I spent a lot of time making sure that I chose enough of a range for you lot, so after choosing, uploading pics, re-sizing pics and adding all the details to the shop I am now happy to announce that I now have 17 more Fun Factory items available to buy from!
I have added the smaller Share and the larger Share and Fun Factory’s newest designs of double dildos (the Sonic, Mr Pink and New Wave) and have also decided to include a selection of 4 of their other dildos too – all of which can be used either manually or with a harness. Along with the dildos, there are 6 new vibrators too, including the reddot award winning Delight. Just pop to the shop and put ‘Fun Factory’ into the search bar and you will see the full selection! Or just click this link –”
If you end up checking out Fun Factory’s own website and see something on there that I don’t have on my shop, I can order that toy for you and get it to you within 4 days and you can pay in pounds too rather than Euros! I have access to almost every toy you can imagine. I just don’t have them all on the website…because that would be a tad overwhelming!

So there it is, your lesson on Fun Factory. They really know their stuff. The cost of their toys is a little higher but is most definitely worth it. Remember, I can bring any of these over to you for a consultation or soiree if you would like to learn more about them!

Loadsa love,

Rhiannon xx

Blog Holiday!

Due to the ridiculous busy-ness of my life in the last couple of weeks, I haven’t had the chance to write a proper blog post to be ready for today and I am too proud to ‘spew’ out something just to fill a page. Time and research goes in to a lot of these blogs so I am proudly saying that I would rather post nothing than something that isn’t worth reading! I have 3 really good blogs that are almost ready to go and am looking forward to sharing them with you but they aren’t quite ready! I will apologise though as I do like to be a person to be relied upon so I hope you can forgive me and will come back to read a really good post next week! So today is my blog holiday….

Oh, I still have a slot available in London on Friday November the 7th or Sunday the 9th, spread the word!

Loadsa love,

Rhiannon xxx

A bit of an update for you

Hey readers!

Considering that I launched my website 5 weeks ago I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how the first month or so has gone for me since then.

I would like to take the opportunity, firstly, to thank you for your support so far. When I see some of the readers in person, they tell me that they enjoy reading my blog, so yay! It would really help if you could take the time to comment on my blog too and maybe create some discussions. I ask some real questions in them and really would love to hear opinions and feedback.

I am currently spending a lot of time and money on marketing at the mo to try and get my name out there – you shall see me in City Life in November and I am in discussion with Diva and shall be advertising with them soon, as well as the Burlesque Bible magazine! What with Facebook not allowing me to advertise with them (it kinda would have been perfect!), I am now focussing on other places. I have been doing much networking within the business world, I am loving the conversations that arise from it – discussing with one person what the best toy is for her to buy for her 17 year old as a first vibrator (then selling her one!), discussing expensive cock rings with a 60 year old woman, having an interesting discussion about how a person’s faith can affect the way she treats vibrators, and just giving businesswomen that platform to feel free to talk about sex and masturbation. What I am doing here is quite powerful and I really do reckon that there is a little liberation ripple beginning in Cardiff!

In 2 weeks time my special offer of 25% to the hostesses of soirees off will come to an end, and their guests will no longer be able to get 15% off. From November, the hostess will still get 20% off their purchases but guests will not be able to get a discount…unless they organise their own soiree of course! I have had a booking for as far away as December the 20th so it is good to see that people are looking ahead!

Just to repeat a recent Facebook status – I am in London on November the 7th for a weekend of soirees and I have a free slot that has become available on the Friday the 7th so if you are in London, invite me over and tell your friends! 20% off for you!

Ooh, I am also in some exciting discussion with a masseuse and another type of party planner, we shall be joining forces to form a super party which means when you book us in for a party, there will be pampering, healthy food, and sex toys! Exciting times ahead!

And last things last, if you haven’t liked me on Facebook, please do, it helps!

And finally – happy one year anniversary to my wife for tomorrow, I love you Becky!

Strap Ons

Uch, I shudder to think how many men may click on this blog post to see what thrill they can get from this. I would therefore like to say GO AWAY TO THE MEN WHO WANT TO GET OFF ON THE POST! Just…GO AWAY!

Are they gone?

I’m still suspicious

Being a lady who likes ladies, it is about time I wrote to all the other ladies to like ladies!
Many people seem to have a fascination with lesbian sex. I think it’s quite fun that we get so much attention based on this one thing, it can sometimes make me feel special! I’ll always remember that joke that Ellen Degeneres said. “People ask me what lesbians do in bed. I tell them that sometimes we like to hold hands” It is also funny that people feel brave enough to ask this, like it is ok for them to ask such a private question.
I am not going to spend this post writing about what we do in bed – it varies from person to person, just like it does with all couples. I want to focus this post on strap-on sex, of which some women do and others don’t. This can include pegging too (which is when women wear strap ons to penetrate their male partner)

Standard Strap On Harnesses7redlacecorset

When I worked for Sh! I wouldn’t go one shift without showing a girl couple how to wear a strap-on, it was one of my favourite things to do! They would be so nervous but then end up having so much fun having a pseudo-fashion show with each other! This item seems to be a ‘go to item’ for lady couples, as it is the most widely-recognised sex toy for female couples. The argument can be made that all they do is replicate heterosexual sex. Surely it also replicates boy on boy sex too? It is just an aid to have a different kind of penetrative sex is all, which is definitely not exclusive to straight couples only.

There are many concerns and complaints over the use of a strap-on. I will deal with these one by one:

My first piece of advice is that when you first buy a harness and a dildo, to try it on a few times before you engage in any sex so that you get used to how to put it on and also to get used to how you feel wearing it. Some women feel like they look silly. You don’t look silly. You just aren’t used to having an appendage sticking out of your groin! You will soon get used to it after you have worn it a couple of times.

Some women don’t feel attractive in it. This is because in order to get the strap-on to work most effectively, you have to wear it tightly, which means that most women will get their flabby bits pronounced, and that may not feel sexy. There aren’t many women who are skinny enough to get away with having no flabby bits when they have a harness tightened around them! This is something we all need to make peace with and we just need to recognise that this happens to all of us. If you have seen any films or porn where women are wearing harnesses and they aren’t bulging out, the likelihood is that she will not be giving good sex to her partner, because the harness is too loose! A tight harness gives you more control over what you are doing.

Something very simple yet effective – it is ok to have a giggle over wearing a strap on! When you see yourself or your partner wearing one for the first time, it is going to be a funny experience so just laugh and don’t get all awkward about it! It may look funny for the first couple of times but it will immediately change to feeling sexy when it is in use!

A lot of the feedback I get from women is that it feels like a bit of a faff to put the harness on and it is like you have to stop mid-flow to sort yourselves out and then start all over again in a way.
Start your sesh off with it already on. If you’re going to have some foreplay first, wearing a harness doesn’t need to affect your foreplay. You don’t even have to pop the dildo in – put the harness on, have the dildo waiting on your bedside table, go about your foreplay then when the time is right, pop the dildo into the harness. It takes less time than it does for a man to put a condom on, which is a normal part of sex for a lot of people. Walking into a room where your partner is all kitted up and ready to go is also quite arousing!

The other option is if you would rather not start off with the harness and want to pop it on only when it is time, or when a decision is made to use it, make it a part of the sexual act. Make your partner play with herself whilst you are putting it on, or go into another room and put it on in private but before you do this, say something sexy to your partner so she can keep in the aroused state you would like her to stay in. You could tell her to imagine something – what is to come (pardon the pun!) or what position you are going to put her in, or you can get her to put something on or take something off.

An extension to this is full roleplay too, where you transform into somebody else as soon you have the harness on.
So there we go, ways to deal with strap on awkwardness!!

I stock 2 different types of harnesses – those made by Kinky Monkey, based in the UK, who hand-makes each harness out of good quality leather and uses a belt buckle system so you can tighten it to the right size to match your body with. They come in different colours (pink, purple, blue, black and red) and are either a Small/Medium or a Medium/Large. They come with one O ring (to keep the dildo secure) and they either measure 40mm (1.75 inches) or 50mm (2 inches) in diameter.

Standard Strap On Harnesses4
Standard Strap On Harnesses5
Standard Strap On Harnesses6
Standard Strap On Harnesses7

The other type I sell are made by Sportsheets, based in the USA. They are made of polyester, but because of this, they are machine washable! They have adjustable straps rather than buckles which does mean you can get them to fit you perfectly. They come with 3 interchangeable O rings -(1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, and 2 inches). Sportsheets offer a limited lifetime guarantee which basically means that if any of the bits break, you can get in touch with them and they will replace it or mend it!

blacklacecorset1Recently Updated6

redlacecorsetSportsheets Vibrating Velvet Strap-On Purple

I have just today launched the plus size harnesses that Sportsheets have recently introduced to the world. What is quite cool is their ‘normal’ size harnesses can still fit people whose hips measure up to 60 inches (about a size 22) but then their plus size harnesses can fit women who measure up to 72 inches, so up to a size 30! Yay!
Take a look at them and tell me what you think:


Here is a link to the strap on category in my shop for all of the details –

If you are still worried about using a strap-on, book me in for a consultation and we can have a proper chat. I will bring some harnesses with me too so you can see how it feels to wear one!

I hope you all have a good weekend and ‘happy strapping’!

Rhiannon x