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First lesson in materials for toys – Jelly, Plastic and Silicone.

My main aim as That’s The Spot is to help women feel more informed about what they are buying when they choose a sex toy. That’s why I want to talk a bit about why materials are important and  also why and how they affect the quality of the toy and how it makes you feel when you use it.


In the past, a lot of toys have been made from jelly or a hard plastic. A lot of the rabbit-style toys are made of a jelly material. Apart from the disposable Screaming O toys I sell, I only have 2 other toys that are made of jelly – a Rabbit and the Flexible Double Dong

The forward thinking manufacturers have started phasing out the use of jelly when it comes to making toys because there are better materials out there nowadays. Some manufacturers don’t use it at all, like Rocks Off and Fun Factory (my 2 favourite manufacturers!). The good things about jelly is that it is soft and bendy and squishy and doesn’t feel too…’foreign’. What you need to be aware of, though, is that this material is porous. Porous materials can absorb, so think about what happens to your jelly toy if you use it regularly. The toy will deteriorate, discolour and maybe even start to smell. These are the reasons that jelly toys are fairly inexpensive though and maybe one shouldn’t expect it to last too long. There is a simple answer, though, if you would like to keep it alive longer – use a condom when you use the toy. Simples!

Who knows about phthalates? Have you ever opened up a jelly toy and have had that strong smell appear? Those are the phthalates. Phthalates come in all sorts of forms and are used for various things, including coating particular tablets, perfume and pesticides. It is a very popular ‘plasticizer’. You can get phthalates at different ‘molecular compositions’ but the European Union have banned particular types from childrens toys since 1999. The USA takes a similar stance. They can also prove to be a tad poisonous! It is still deemed OK to put them in vibrators though – mainly because we don’t use it as a teething toy! There haven’t been any injuries or death associated with using vibrators with phthalates in them, but there is a general view that phthalates are not good for us so when you find yourselves looking at toys, lots of manufacturers make a point of saying ‘NO PHTHALATES!’ so I suppose a toy without them is better than a toy with them! Wikipedia has just told me that Greenpeace has managed to get a ban on some particular phthalates to be banned from being used in sex toys in Europe, so I’ve learned something new in doing this blog today! If you want to know more, here are a couple of links to it – oh, and children are much more affected by them than adults.

So yes, this is why I only sell a couple of jelly toys. I am proud of the quality of the toys I source so tend to avoid the jelly ones. If you own jelly toys, just use a condom!

Plastic is the other classic one – ABS plastic being the most popular with sex toy manufacturers. Plastic makes for a very firm toy. It is definitely non-porous – you can use it as often as you want and it won’t absorb a thing! Plastic makes for a safer material because of this. It is easy to clean too. ABS plastic is good because it is impact resistant so dropping your toy and chipping it is unlikely. Some people favour using plastic because they like that hard feel. When you have a plastic toy (like the pink g-vibe) that has a good curve on the end of it, you are more likely to find Continue reading

The Amazing Revolutionary G-Vibe

Well the website has been open a week; I have received good feedback about it as well as some good criticism. Now it is open and operating, I can finally talk about some of the toys I have on here that are new to the market and that I am very excited to be selling!

The first one I want to show off is the G-Vibe.




Not only does it come in some beautiful packaging with a lovely little piece of artwork on it, but this is a toy that looks and works completely differently to any other vibrator out there. It doesn’t look like your classic vibrator, which is pretty refreshing, but the reason it looks like that is because it is designed so that when it is inserted it will give you that feeling of fullness without it being big fat toy that you would rather not put anywhere near your nethers!

There are separate motors on each tip – one tip will massage your g-spot – a feature that we have often come to expect of any toys we buy that are for vaginal use. The other tip points the other way, which means it will massage another part of you that doesn’t often get given a chance to be stimulated, and this is because of the classic design of a lot of vibrators and dildos. How many of you know about the ‘p-spot’ – the prostate spot found in a man when he is stimulated anally. For any man open enough to experience this, he will agree that this is the man’s version of our g-spot! Women can also experience some pleasure in the same region, although maybe not as intensely. Having a vagina, we as women can stimulate it vaginally rather than anally if we want to. Sure, we can insert a g-spot toy in the ‘wrong way round’ to get to this but I do not know of any other toy, apart from the G-vibe, that can stimulate our g and (lady-) p spot at the same time! This second tip gives you a very different experience to your usual vibrator session. This feeling of fullness without it causing any discomfort to the opening of your vagina is quite unique. Because this material is so flexible, it doesn’t ‘push’ any further than it has to so it doesn’t put any strain on your insides either.

The two motors work from the same control panel, which is very easy to use – there is a + and a – button for the different strengths in vibration then another one in-between to select the kind of pulsation you would like to feel . This means you can choose a function and have it at whatever strength you would like!

It is a rechargeable toy which immediately makes the vibrations stronger and quieter than any toy that takes batteries. It is also made of a silicone (the healthiest material for a sex toy) that is smooth and velvety to the touch – it really is a lovely toy to stroke! It looks luxurious and it feels luxurious.

There is then a goldplated loop as the handle so that you can use it more easily than the toys that don’t have this. It really is amazing what a loop can do to the ‘management’ of a toy!

What you will also get when you purchase this toy is the beautifully designed box that I have already mentioned, a charger, a white cotton bag to keep your toy in and an instruction booklet. This tells you the different types of vibration functions, how to look after it and the different ways in which you can use it – amongst other things it ALSO makes a good couples toy too! Oh, and best of all, you get a year’s warranty on it too!!

Considering the design and material the toy is made from, I think the cost of it is very competitive compared to other manufacturers who would offer something less technologically advanced for more. It is one of my more expensive toys, though, so just remember, if you want to have a proper look at it before deciding to buy anything, book me in for a consultation!

The Website Is Now Live!!!

With the posting of this blog comes the opening of the Website!!

The amazing team at Webber Design has been working on this website over the Summer and I am a very happy customer. They listen to everything I have to say, and if I have a difficult question, they research it first and provide me with informative answers. From what I have seen, they seem to be a team who are invested in learning things for themselves too, so although they are all experts in web and graphic design and SEO already, I can see that they have had to acquire a couple of new skills in order to get my website to work smoothly. Instead of fobbing me off and saying ‘we can’t do that’ or offering an alternative I wouldn’t have been happy with, they have used it as an opportunity to expand their skills base. I do really feel that they have invested in me and my company. Not only did they design my website but they also designed flyers and my new business card and organised a photo shoot for pics of me for the website – Rhys the owner of Webber Design is also a professional photographer.

I have spent the last week and a half uploading all the pics of the items and descriptions of each item to my shop and making sure you all have enough information to make the right decisions on your first toy purchase with me. Remember though, that the main reason I have started this company is so buyers of my ‘wares’ can be fully informed on their purchases and the website can only help so much. This is why my primary services are my consultations and soirees – an opportunity for me to bring these toys to you so you know exactly what you are buying before you commit to it.

My website is and I need as many of you as possible to check it out and tell me what you think of it. I want it to be as informative and user friendly as possible so I encourage feedback and constructive criticism. You can either email me this feedback on or fill in the contact form on the website. This calls for all the pedantics!

Being a Welsh speaker, the website is available in Welsh too, which has meant the website has taken a little longer to build. I’r siaradwyr Cymraeg, mae e’n bwysig i fi gwybod os yr rydych chi gyd yn hapus efo’r gwefan Cymraeg. Yn anffodus, mae ‘na cwpl o lefydd ar y wefan sydd yn Saesneg yn unig, fel y siop a’r blog. Dwi’n defnyddio WordPress i’r blog a mae’r ‘plugins’ Cymraeg yn ddrud iawn! Gyda’r siop, mae’n mynd i gymryd lot o amser ac arian i gyfieuthu’r holl siop. Hefyd, does ‘na ddim gwefan fel hyn ar-lein yn y Gymraeg neu gwasanaeth fel hyn yn y Gymraeg, felly byddai’n gobeithio bod y faith fod rhywbeth fel hyn ar gael i siaradwyr Cymraeg yn ddigon dda i ddechrau ‘da?! Mae’n gwych i ni gyd cael y cyfle i ddefnyddio ein iaith pob cyfle J Hoffwn buddsoddi mewn  i wneud y gwefan yn hollol ddwyieithog rhywbryd yn y dyfodol, ond yn gyntaf, dwi angen gwybod pa fath o alw sy ‘na o’r siaradwyr Gymraeg. Felly adborth adborth adborth os gwelwch yn dda!

I will constantly be updating the website over the next few months – ironing out any creases and using your feedback to make it better. I will add some new pages with advice and information, but for now, the best way to get advice and information is to book me in for a consultation or a soiree! Who am I kidding; this will always be the best way to get the best advice and information! Remember, if you book me in before the end of October for a soireé, the hostess will receive 25% off her purchases and the guests will receive 15% off (in exchange for feedback and the fact that I am still perfecting my skills) and if you book me in for a consultation I will come to you for free and also give you 15% off any purchases you make.

After October, the hostess will still get 20% off but I will not be able to offer a discount to the guests.

So please to check out the website and tell me what you think! I can accept comments on here, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Rhiannon x

What is in a name?

Last week’s blog was quite a biological one. We all now know the ‘proper’ names for the bits within our bits but how many of us call our bits by their actual names? I don’t think I’ve ever called my vulva my vulva . I may use ‘labia’ from time to time but often find it easier to say ‘lips’ instead.

How many names to you have for your vagina? For me it depends who I am with and what mood I am in. I think my top 5 are fanny, cunny, foof, pussy and vag. Sarah Waters tends to use the word ‘cunny’ in her novels quite a lot and I think it’s quite cute and endearing! My choice of words to describe this area is surely going to expand, considering what I am now doing for a living, especially so I can make sure I fit the right ‘name’ for the right audience! From writing my blogs, I have realised I prefer to use the words ‘bits’ ‘nethers’ and ‘lady garden’.

At my soirees I ask everyone to share with the group their favourite or preferred word which not only breaks the ice but gives me an idea of women’s opinions on their genitals. A few years ago I remember having a random game of ‘let’s go through the alphabet and think of a name for the fanny in every letter’ with friends and it was surprisingly hard! There are loads of words for the fanny but to actually get them to start with different letters is something else! The one we got the most stuck on was  the letter R. I decided to make one up….Ribeye. ‘Lol’. It was quite a funny one but quite disgusting at the same time!

So I want to discover – what do you all call your foofs? And a slightly different question, what do you call them if you refer to them in general rather than just your own? Do you find it hard to call it anything? I reckon it can also be affected by who your partner is too – I know the names for mine has changed with the partners I have had!

I used to work in a call centre and once and a colleague and I started discussing it and found the word ‘flange’ a funny one – it’s one of those words that belongs to something completely different (google it…I can’t help but giggle when reading wikipedia’s explanation, it’s saying ‘flange’ whilst talking about pipes and wheels…but it’s still flange!) We became very bold and continued to discuss the genuine meaning of the word ‘flange’ ( and ended up getting a telling off from our supervisor…but we were like ‘flange is a real word, we were talking about how we can use flanges and how often we use a flange’ but she wouldn’t have any of it…how the hell did the word ‘flange’ end up being a nickname for the vag?! Oh and another colleague there had the realisation that day that he had been saying the word ‘frangipane’ wrong and had been calling it ‘flangipane’.

If you have watched a live performance of the Vagina Monologues I am sure you can all remember that moment where the three actresses on the stage get the whole audience to shout the word ‘cunt’ together, and shout it proudly and take ownership of it – I loved that! We should absolutely take ownership of it! It is nowadays used more often to describe a bad person but it’s origins are often debated – read for a bit more enlightenment.

A few women at the soirees tell me they often use the word cunt. I go through phases. I tend not to nowadays apart from when it comes out in my road rage (sorry for using it the wrong, unliberated way). I was brought up though, to never use that word. I am sure my mamma is quite disgusted by this part of the blog!

So let’s discuss – what are our favourite names for our nethers? My best man friend calls it a growler. He’s gay. I heard one last weekend by one of the soiree attendees that I hadn’t heard before – noonie – which could be used in Welsh too I suppose, ‘nwni’! I thought I knew them all but obviously not! I’d love to see if there are more I don’t know of…